Monday: Join us for a grassroots strategy call…

by January 19, 2017

Let me get straight to the point—the results of the presidential election were and remain tough. November 8th resulted in the election of a man who brags about sexually assaulting women, mocks the disabled, demonizes immigrants, inflames and encourages bigotry against Muslims and people of color to serve as the 45th President of the United States. (Aided by the direct interference of a foreign government as confirmed by United States intelligence entities.)

The road ahead will not be easy. Now, more than ever we must stand together and continue to hold the powerful accountable, fight for what is right, and elect Democrats who will truly represent our values.

The Democratic Party of Georgia refuses to stand down. We will continue to work harder than ever to fight for ALL of us and keep Georgia moving forward.

Last year we knocked on over 400,000 doors and made more than 1 million phone calls to mobilize Georgia voters. Thanks to wonderful volunteers and supporters just like you, we flipped major counties like Gwinnett and Cobb blue, and elected a diverse slate of young leaders to the State House and Senate Chambers to serve under the Gold Dome, but we won’t stop there. Our works continues, and here’s how you can help…

  • Join us Monday for a Statewide Democratic Strategy call that will lay the first piece of our grassroots plan and offer you more opportunities to get involved. The call will feature the Executive Director of the Democratic Party Georgia, Rebecca DeHart, State Field Director Chrystian Woods and others. (Dial in information here)
  • Fill out this brief survey to join one of our volunteer action committees.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be asking you to join us as we continue to put our boots to the ground, keep our momentum going, and bring communities together to fight for the Georgia that CAN be. Because we truly are stronger together.

In solidarity,

Chrystian Woods

Field Director


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