Aging in Place Downtown

Aging in Place Downtown

by January 8, 2016

A program of Comprehensive Care of Wilmington and
a non-profit organization in the State of North Carolina

If you are over 55, live in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and are beginning to think about life as a senior, the AGING IN PLACE DOWNTOWN Program is meant for you.  Regardless of your health, wealth, or type of home, you will be eligible to participate in this innovative program to help you remain in your own home as you age.

AGING IN PLACE DOWNTOWN helps enable seniors to remain in their own homes with our service, called “Options Counseling.”  We help you identify your current and future needs and assist you in accessing services that will keep you at home. We consider medical, mental health, social, homemaking, legal, technology, safety, home modification and maintenance, financial, nutrition, housing, and transportation factors that are crucial to aging in place.

They inform you of resources in the community and suggest ways to pay for them.

Current programs available are:

  • Options Counseling
  • Home Base
  • Tuesday Talks
  • Transportation

    To learn more or become a volunteer, go to their website:



If you live anywhere  East of the River and within the blue border, you will be eligible for Aging in Place Downtown membership and services.

That includes  all of  zip code 28401 plus Carolina Heights, Carolina  Place, Ardmore, and surrounding neighborhoods.  The area is bounded roughly by the Cape Fear River on the West, Martin Luther King Parkway and Belleview Cemetery on the North, Smith’s Creek, 21st Street, 17th Street, and Wrightsville Avenue on the East, and Southern Avenue and Shipyard Blvd. on the South.

Please contact us if you’re not sure of your eligibility or for more information about participating in Aging in Place Downtown.
Wilmington, NC 28401
910-805-HOME (4663)

Aging in Place Downtown is a membership organization.  Our annual dues is $6.00 per household. The membership year is January through December.  If you join in October, November or December, your dues apply to the remainder of the current year and to all of the following year.

Membership entitles you to participate in any of our programs without charge, except our transportation program, which costs an additional $3.00 per round trip.

Charter Membership
If you join Aging in Place Downtown at any time in 2015, you become a Charter Member and your dues apply to both 2015 and 2016.

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