A Book That Changes Lives: “Your Little Red Wagon”

by October 1, 2010

Tulsa, OK – With the new trends in fitness and loosing weight as a focus to help people change their lives, the most obvious aspect of life change is often left out, spiritual health.  People tend to get so wrapped up in spending time at the gym building their muscles or getting the adrenaline pumping in a cardio workout that they forget their soul needs to be developed too.

True happiness comes from within and to illustrate this Dr. Alex Himaya guides and inspires people to truly change their lives by approaching God.  In his newly released book “Your Little Red Wagon” he describes how easy it is to approach God when our eyes are opened to what God really thinks of us.  This very powerful life changing book provides the reader with questions that probe deep into our hearts to find the answer to why we are embarrassed to start developing a relationship with God.

Dr. Himaya challenges the way we think and feel about God and ourselves as well as changing our perspectives about what God expects from us.  The amazing feelings of acceptance and joy that the reader will experience while sharing the authors thoughts and view points will leave them refreshed.  The book will reveal to readers the actual depth of their emotions and be able to tap into the spiritual high that is so much better than a workout.

The pages of “Your Little Red Wagon” will help everyone release the negative experiences, traumatic emotions and spiritual damage that people have piled up in their own little red wagons.  Just as we collect happy memories and positive feelings we also collect the more unpleasant things that happen to us and these experiences are what drive us to always be better.  This book explains that God is only interested in having a long term relationship with the real person inside and not the baggage we carry with us.

The wonderful part of this book is where Alex encourages the readers to pray to God and ask Him to accept them just as they are.  It feels like God is right there in the room and Alex is the guiding hand connecting the reader to God’s heart.  The prayer is an enormously powerful point in the book that leads the readers to open their hearts to the powers of healing and reconciliation that God provides us.

This intense book reflects the passion and desire that Dr. Himaya has for helping people find the true path to God through Jesus.  The book has real life experiences which the author has used to explain his concepts and this makes the power of the book even greater.  Readers can truly relate to the heartfelt memories that Alex shares from his own life and he explains how these experiences changed his perspective of God.

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