Creating 45 New Black Billionaires Through Collaboration, Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions

by February 5, 2018

Making Black Billionaires launched on February 1, 2018. The killing of unarmed Black men, and even women and children, by police officers has incited many movements. The protests were warranted by the urgent need to address the issue. This and a myriad of other problems plague Black America, and applying group economics is one of the main solutions. There are approximately 500 billionaires in America. There are approximately 5 Black billionaires in America. Blacks represent 10-15% of the population in America. Based on 10%, there should be at least 50 Black billionaires in America. Strategic Partners which includes:,,,,,,,, and are available for interviews on this subject via radio, TV, universities, etc. will autonomously, but collectively, address and develop strategies from an economic perspective to promote Black-owned businesses that are at least 51% Black-owned.

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Developed by Attorney Mark Stephen Graves, Esq.

“I Develop Network Orchestration Internet Platforms (e.g., Uber).


Black Billionaires

Mark Stephen Graves, Esq.

My name is Mark Stephen Graves, Esq. and I am the first person in the world to receive a Juris Doctorate and Master Degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries, simultaneously.  I have worked for some of the world’s largest international technology, music & media/entertainment corporations, and I have seen first-hand some of the technologies that will be released in the world over the course of the next 15-20 years.

Recognizing the impact that these technologies will collectively have on the world, I have been working tirelessly for several years to develop new national, systemic entertainment models to engage niche markets on the Internet.

Realizing that entertainment is the most consumed form of information on the Internet and the cultural influence that the 18-34 year old demographic has on society, I have designed modular, web applications to:

  1. Get the 18-34 year old demographic’s attention on the Internet;
  2. Raise this demographic’s conscious awareness;
  3. Influence them to take immediate action toward S.M.A.R.T. goals;
  4. BE:SEENtm and share their experience with others; and
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until its habitual.

It is scientifically proven that the more one encounters the same pattern — the more likely they are to recognize it. By building out integrated, modular web applications in several niche entertainment markets, we will stimulate this demographic’s Epistemological Curiosity and use their success as a proof of concept to objectively validate the efficacy of the underlying platforms, and the patented business system on which they rely.

Please show your support for this mission by supporting one of the projects above. (Please excuse current functionality and general “wonkiness” as we are in beta).

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