Blacks Still Struggle To Qualify For Personal and Business Credit; New Web Site Wants To Help

by September 4, 2012

A recent Washington Post article emphasized how poor credit makes it much tougher to secure loans and gain access to credit, especially for African-Americans. The article entitled, “For Black Americans, Financial Damage From Subprime Implosion is Likely to Last” (see link below), sheds light on what has been an ongoing problem for many decades: Minorities, particularly African Americans, continue to make up a huge population of people and business owners who are unqualified for credit.

Other articles from and The Black American News Network (TBANN) share the same devastating news, but one new web site aims to make a change.

Launched in 2011, is a free online resource that features the best tips and guidelines on how to obtain and build small business credit – that is, business loans, business credit cards, and business lines of credit. Visitors are also educated about business credit reports. The web site is available to help anyone regardless of their ethnic background, but it aims to especially reach African Americans and other minorities who are most in need.

Visitors to the site will learn exactly what to do and what to avoid when applying for new credit, and how to effectively plead a case when credit is being taken away. There is no other resource online like this, and most of all – it’s 100% free to use.

The site features well-written informative articles, descriptive how-to videos, exclusive listings of useful resources, and detailed comparison charts of options offered by different banks. It also features the latest news and trends pertaining to small business funding and credit.

For more details, visit

About African Americans and Small Business Credit:According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 27 million businesses in the United States that generate billions each year in combined revenue. However, amongst those, only about 1 million or 7% are Black-owned businesses. Even worse, federal statistics show that Black-owned businesses are 5 times more likely to fail than their white counterparts. Many are closing because they lack credit to keep themselves afloat during the time periods when their cash flow is low or non-existent.

For Black Americans, Financial Damage From Subprime Implosion Is Likely to Last

Washington Post and Credit Scores: How the Mortgage Meltdown Permanently Impacts Many Blacks’ FinancesThe Griot

Credit Scores: The Silent African American KillerThe Black American News Network •

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