Commentary: Mainstream Media and Politicians Dare Not Challenge Conservative Talk Radio and TV

by September 17, 2010

I truly appreciate your Sept. 2 – 8 political cartoon depicting hate-mongering Glenn Beck’s absurd attempt to step into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s shoes. This land was stolen from Native Americans, and developed with the stolen labor of Native Americans and Africans. First with litteral slavery; then, with the redefined slavery of “Jim Crow” laws until … Dr. King broke the strangle-hold with his “I Have A Dream Speech” at the Lincoln Memorial. Now, with clever rhetoric, an obviously racist spin-doctor has stolen Dr. King’s geographic platform …

Beside the cartoon, was an article titled: “New Book ‘I Hope He Fails’ Theorizes That The Election Of President Obama Has Served As A Catharsis For The Resurgence of Racism and Hate Groups.” I disagree. I am a lilly white Caucasian. From my often non-mixed-company perspective, Racism and Hate Groups never ceased. The resurgence is simply the return to public vocalization of prejudice, which is now spun into social rather than racial criticism of American victims of injustice.

Author Robert J. Walker said: “’Throughout the book, I give current event examples to support my hypothesis that the rightwing media has polarized the country on the lines of Race, Religion and Politics so much to the point that nothing is getting done in Washington, D.C. for the good of the American people.’” Please allow me to explain my observation of how this is accomplished. Tactfully identifying race by descriptions of culture, talk radio’s hate-mongers blame the victims of special interest manipulation of U.S. government for their misfortune. Example – Lazy Americans won’t work? Who did America’s most difficult, least pleasant jobs until illegal immigrants provided even cheaper labor? Who catapulted our nation into the manufacturing capital of the world until U.S. corporations started exploiting cheap foreign labor and U.S. markets simultaneously under the deceptive guise of “free trade,” with nations having nothing to trade, save sweat-shop labor for U.S. jobs, no regulation for workplace integrity, and a legal escape from U.S. taxation?

True, even mainstream media and politicians dare not challenge the biggest names in conservative talk radio and TV, but if you will allow, I will. Die-hard Republican conservatives would vote for a reincarinated Adolf Hitler as their party’s candidate, because they know Republican presidents simply follow the dictation of their special interest campaign contributors. Example? With the conflict of interest unchallenged, Dick Cheney served as president of our nation and president of Halliburtion simultaneously, under the deceptive guise of vice-president. Halliburton collected untold $billion for unfinished no-bid contracts, and the price of fuel trippled for a while before leveling off at almost double the price before he entered office. All the while, talk radio hosts praised the Cheney/Bush (order intended) Administration, as their reduction of taxation for the super-wealthy and reduction of corporate regulation drove our nation into the worst recession since the Great Depression, which talk radio spin-doctors now attempt to blame on the current administration.

So why do millions of struggling Americans fall for talk radio propaganda? Because of the human tendency to think more of self than others, which is encouraged by talk radio’s promotion of “advanced lifestyles.” Do the producers of high-dollar products pay talk radio’s hate-mongers for advertising time, or are they awarded free time to exploit the hopes and dreams of listeners suffering from the very legislation the radio programs promote? Above all, do racists listen for tactful justification of their hatred?

I listen to conservative talk radio as much as possible, just as I listened for rattlesnakes when I worked in forrests and fields. If you listen, have you noticed that hate-mongering hosts continually evoke God as they spin Christianity’s “brother’s keeper” mentality into socialism, special interest exploitation of U.S. workers and consumers into capitalism, and acceptance of war profiteering into patriotism? After all, do America’s war-mongers and their talk radio promoters serve in our military, especially in harm’s way, or just monger?

Rash Limpboil (spelling intended) hopes President Obama fails. And considering the fact that he faces the greatest opposition to any president in American history, he may. But what have Rash Limpboil and his hate-mongering counterparts accomplished, other than divide our nation, making us easliy exploitable subjects of the special interests who play us against each other, and laugh all the way to the bank?

Think about it, please! •

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