Dr. Ronda Beaman Guides Others to Success

by September 24, 2012

If you made it through childhood, you have a story to tell – the question is, are you willing to share it for the sake of making someone else’s path through life easier? Are you willing to be a guide? A guide literally is someone who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising.; one who serves as a model for others.

A guide can help you travel through a mountain trail, through emotional turmoil or through a difficult time in your life. A guide can be a role model, a coach, a mentor or sometimes, even a book.

You are the author of your life, after all – you can write and re-write it to create who you want to become – but are you willing to go a step further and become a guide? Are you willing to forge the path and share your story to help others?

Dr. Ronda Beaman, author of Little Miss Merit Badge, was willing to do just that and, as a result, she has positioned herself as a guide; someone willing to make the road forward lighter, and maybe even higher, for those who follow.

Beaman is a nationally recognized university professor and mother of America’s Most Creative Family. Her memoir details a childhood spent over-achieving to compensate for some difficult circumstances.

“We all crave connection,” Beaman says. “Sometimes, particularly for those that have suffered abuse and been sworn to secrecy, the connection of others through the safety of the written word is enough to give them hope.”

By writing the story of her abuse, Beaman has become proof that surviving trauma of any magnitude is possible. She has also proven to others that they, too, have more power than they believe.

This is the true value of a guide. Picture a snowshoe hike through two feet of snow. Is it easier if you are breaking the trail or if someone has gone before you and shown you the way?

A student of Beaman’s noted that her life is better today because of Ronda’s book. She has overcome social anxiety disorder and learned of her own power – power she may never have discovered without someone else having blazed the way.

Beaman did not follow the traditional victim’s path; just the opposite, and as a result she is empowering others to do the same.

Beaman envisioned the life she wanted despite the life she was living and moved towards creating thoughts into reality. She became an over-achiever – the Girl Scout who sold the most cookies, an A student, a doer, a thinker and a leader. Through her example, others have learned to do the same.

“By authoring my own life and telling others of my solutions, perhaps I have opened a new door to their better options,” Beaman said. “My solutions to family dysfunction and addiction are not traditional, far from it, but they worked for me. If I can encourage and guide someone else by sharing my story, then I better tell it. And we all have stories like that. We should all tell our stories, that is the ultimate good deed!”

Highly decorated Girl Scout and Patrol Leader, cheerleader, student council officer, honor roll, dean’s list and aerobics champion Ronda Beaman is the Author of Little Miss Merit Badge. You will see she’s kept up her badge habits! Ronda’s goal is to inspire women and her memoir, Little Miss Merit Badge, is a testament to the fact that you can be successful no matter what kind of upbringing you’ve experienced. When many would become defeated by the “unique” parenting she endured, Ronda channeled what most would consider to be abuse into a flourishing life of overachievement. Ronda is available to speak at troop meetings, book clubs and readings, on broadcast shows, writing seminars, business meeting and conferences, and anywhere else people gather to find humor, insights and answers to life’s most basic question, “When do I get my prize?” The first recipient of the NEA’s Art of Teaching award, Dr. Ronda is the mother of USA Today’s Most Creative Family, highest rated speaker at the Young President’s Organization, author of the award winning book, “You’re Only Young Twice”, director of Leadership Studies at California Polytechnic University, and a highly sought after speaker, life coach and fitness trainer. She is Chief Creative Officer for the research and consulting firm PEAK Learning, Inc. and a national thought leader for The American Health Network. She has been featured on major media including USA Today, CBS, NBC and Fox and was anchor for the television magazine Seattle Today. Dr. Ronda earned her doctorate in leadership, paying her way by singing telegrams dressed in a gorilla suit. She has been Professor of the Year at three universities and named one of the Top Ten Outstanding Women in America. Something notable about Ronda is that she is an MS patient that has never exhibited any effects of the disease. You will see, after reading her book, just why that is. See more about Little Miss Merit Badge here: http://www.LittleMissMeritBadge.com and view a promo of the Book here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVyDwTBDUu8

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