The MWBE Imperative: Greater Engagement in Communities of Color

The MWBE Imperative: Greater Engagement in Communities of Color

by December 26, 2017

GDN’s objective is to help create a community dialogue that will lead to greater engagement in communities of color and greater economic opportunity.  In addition, GDN promotes voter participation efforts that lead to increased economic opportunity.

Greater engagement in communities of color

The concept of “fair share” is especially relevant to economic opportunity for people of color.  Most noteworthy is The NAACP’s Fair Share campaign – a concept that has much value for us today.  Former NAACP Executive Director, the late Benjamin Hooks,  initiated the Fair Share campaign in the early 1980’s.  The campaign was designed to get corporate America to employ, promote and do business with more people of color

Furthermore, one of the greatest involvements that I’ve had over the last 40 years has been in North Carolina politics.  Black political engagement is a strong component of economic opportunity. However,  that union is clearly not where it ought to be.

Consequently, GDN is publishing developments, events, jobs and articles that show you how to achieve a political and economic union in your community.  

The North Carolina Caucus of Black School Board Members (NCCBSBM) conducted a disparity study in 2016.  We must embrace their efforts to help Black communities achieve their “fair share.”

The MWBE Imperative

We must develop initiatives designed to get elected officials and candidates to support hiring. An M/WBE (Minority & Women Business Enterprise) consultant can review the spending policies of their public body. A consultant can determine if there is racial equity in their hiring and spending policies. 

GDN is discussing opportunities to grow minority businesses. Minority business owners believe that equitable spending by public entities would boost their bottom line.

Black entrepreneurs are encouraged to get more involved in politics.  They can help develop strategies that will lead to greater business opportunities. Their level of involvement will directly benefit Black communities.

There is a critical need for economic opportunity in communities of color.  None of the various ideas or initiatives  are sufficient to address our needs alone.  Economic opportunity for people of color must be a political priority. Adding it to party and campaign platforms will help overcome poverty and disenfranchisement of Black communities.  Candidates and party leaders depend on increased Black voter participation to win elections. They must embrace economic opportunity to win the Black vote.  People of color deserve their fair share of job opportunities from public bodies.

We need your participation to expand economic opportunity to your community…

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