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Economic Equity - January 2, 2017   View email online
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National Black Church Initiative Urges 150,000 Black Churches in U.S. to Triple Its Spending With Black Press
It is critical that the Black church preserves and strengthens the economic outlook for Black media and Black people. As the economy gets stronger we are urging all Black Churches to be intentional in tripling their spending with all Black media properties.

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of the National Black Church Initiative, says, “The National Black Church Initiative believes in the Black Press and its power and its right to exist. We plan to set an example. We will commit 5% of our budget over the next three years, working with the Black press, Black radio and Christian bloggers. Each of our projects will have an advertising media budget associated with it going forward. We hope to set this example for the rest of the Black Church.”
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Three Ways To Avoid Toxic Financial Advice and Rash Decisions
Investors hear so much conflicting information and advice in the media these days that it’s perhaps easier than ever to become confused and make decisions based on emotion.
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World’s First Children FinTech Expo for Kids on Cyber Security and Financial Literacy
Teaching children the basics of finance as well as technology is the need of the hour today to prepare them for the future. Fortified Technical Solutions
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BLOCK x BLOCK Platform to Makes Buying Art Inclusive and Impactful
Margarita Barry is launching BLOCK x BLOCK, an online platform that sells art created by a diverse community of emerging and underrepresented artists …
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A Look Back at This Year’s Educator Grants

In addition to managing their individual projects, the recipients of our Educator Grants cultivate their own supportive community—sharing project pictures, exchanging feedback and brainstorming future ideas.

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Discipline Disparities and Discrimination in Schools
Trump assembled a group upset with what they believe was Obama-era overreach to address how students are punished. Research indicates that black and poor students are suspended at higher rates than other students.
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Top 30 Internship Programs For Minority and Black Students for 2018
The job market for college grads is becoming more competitive. Employers want to see more applicants who have completed one or more internship experience - one of the most important factors
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