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GDN eNews - April 9, 2018
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We Are the 99 Percent, But Richest One Percent Will Soon Own Two-Thirds of World’s Wealth

More than two-thirds of the world’s entire wealth will be owned by the richest 1% of people by 2030, new research warns. The shocking findings of the new report produced by the UK’s House of Commons Library claims that if trends which began after the 2008 financial crisis continue, the 1% will control 64% of world’s money in just 12 years’ time.

The widening gap between the 1% and everyone else was first highlighted by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which started in 2011 and famously used the slogan: “We are the 99%.”


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Black-Owned Tech Company Launches Technology Revolution Across Dallas
Small and medium-sized businesses throughout the area that have felt the pain of productivity coming to a halt when their computers, phones, networks and servers fail them…
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Black Millennials in the Workplace Use the Free Agent Option to Advance Their Career
Any employer paying attention to social trends has to know that much of their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, however well intended, well stall at recruitment if they don’t make an effort…
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Go for It – Rising Public Relations Star Alonda Thomas Encourages Black Millenials
Cathy Hughes’s story is the American dream. It is so motivating to know that a woman from humble beginnings could take a vision and buy a radio station and grow it into a successful multi-faceted media company.
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Amid Revolt Over Starving Schools, Kentucky GOP Passes Tax Cut for the 1 Percent
State funding for education and other services will be undermined by this effort to move away from taxes on corporations and high-income earners,” warned one policy analyst.
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Nearly Homeless Single Mom Strikes It Big With Products Launching in Sally Beauty Stores
Naturalicious product is multitasking and time-saving - each product does the work of four. This means three Naturalicious products replace 12 products you’d have to purchase from other brands.
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Three Ways Couples Can Discuss Money Without Getting Divorced
From different spending habits and financial goals to one spouse earning considerably more income than the other, money can be a polarizing issue in a marriage, straining it to the breaking point.
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