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GDN eNews - May 7, 2018
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Black Women Leaders Speak Up and Out on Money and the “Me Too” Movement

“It’s time for black women to never have to put up with crap for a paycheck. Or stay in any sort of terrorizing relationship because we need the money. We have access now that our ancestors could never have known to pray for. It’s not only our time, it’s our turn.”

Dr. Venus is on the last leg of her national tour based on her best-selling book, "The Black Woman Millionaire: A Revolutionary Act That Defies Impossible". “The book deep dives into the healing required to be your own boss and to charge what you are truly worth. During the 4-hour workshop-like tour stops, I cover proven business training we used to gross over $4 million in five years. We did it through healing,” states Dr. Venus.

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Join the Raise the Wage in NC – May 22, Raleigh, NC
State-wide coalition called Raising Wages NC, a broad, diverse group of working people who all believe that all workers in NC deserve a living wage.
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Lawsuit Settlement to End Debtors’ Prison in Corinth, Mississippi
Brian Howell, an unemployed man whose leg was amputated following a car accident, was assessed over $1,000 in court fines for three traffic violations in the city of Corinth, Mississippi.
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Three Things Retirees Should Consider When Deciding to Rent or Own a Home
Home ownership has long held an honored position as an integral part of the American dream. But when retirement time comes, rethinking that dream could be in order.
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T.R.M. Howard Spotlights an Amazing Life of Black Self-Empowerment
“T.R.M. Howard” offers the excitement one might expect of a TV mini-series: charismatic protagonist whose accomplishments would be hard to believe if they weren’t the known truth.
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Five Ways To Plan Your Summer Vacation Without Wrecking Your Finances
“You want to enjoy a vacation and know you’re not paying for it for years to come,” says Alexander Joyce, a retirement planner and president and CEO of ReJoyce Financial LLC
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Smart Investments in SNAP, Smart for the Black Community
Businesses and SNAP recipients alike stand to benefit from investments in training and education. Our economic potential is only as great as our workforce, and as we look to stimulate growth for Black-owned businesses…
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First Lady of Livingstone College Presented Key to the City of Salisbury, North Carolina
Dr. Faleese Moore Jenkins, the first lady of Livingstone College, admitted that it’s hard to pull a surprise on her. But on Monday, she got one of the biggest shockers of her life.
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