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The Wilmington Ten: Violence, Injustice, and the Rise of Black Politics
In February 1971, racial tension surrounding school desegregation in Wilmington, North Carolina, culminated in four days of violence and skirmishes between white vigilantes and black residents. The turmoil resulted in two deaths, six injuries, more than $500,000 in damage, and the firebombing of a white-owned store, before the National Guard restored uneasy peace. Despite glaring irregularities in the subsequent trial, ten young persons were convicted of arson and conspiracy and then sentenced to a total of 282 years in prison.

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Voter Engagement Alert:

Fair Courts Day of Action on January 10, Can You Be There?

North Carolina – We’re only one week away from our Fair Courts Day of Action on January 10! When lawmakers return to Raleigh next Wednesday to consider major changes to our judicial system — from gerrymandering judicial maps, to slashing judicial terms, to eliminating judicial elections altogether — we’re asking you to join us, beginning at 11 a.m., to fight back.
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Alert from the Office of Senator Bryant – 2018 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Events
Ebenezer Baptist Church “MLK50: Where Do We Go From Here” Keynote Speaker: Congressman G. K. Butterfield. Ebenezer Baptist Church, 702 W. Raleigh Blvd., Rocky Mount, NC.
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Erica Garner Remembered for Her Relentless Campaign for Justice
She died on Saturday, December 30. She was 27. People ask, “when will you stop marching? What do you want from marching?” “He was my father, Erica Garner said. “I will always march.”
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Low-Income Neighborhood Supermarkets Improve Economic Equity and Health
The study provides evidence that supermarkets improve aspects of residents’ lives beyond diet for low-income African Americans.
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Emerging Leaders Program Strengthens Writing, Speaking, and Critical Thinking Skills
This program strengthens students’ core writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Emerging Leaders are engaged in unique learning opportunities.
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Kay Coles James First Black Woman to Lead Conservative Heritage Foundation
The awakened, national Black vote should not be taken for granted by liberals or conservatives. Program has a positive impact in the Black community.
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Your Opinions Matter at Work – Tips for Successful Disagreement at Work
It’s damaging to your company when employees are pulling in different directions, second-guessing decisions, and sending mixed messages to coworkers.
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