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GDN eNews - April 27, 2018
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Welcome to The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

As daily news of scandal and corruption comes to light, an underlying message emerges: our nation is in dire need of a moral revival. We had a good start fifty years ago when the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood with sanitation workers in Memphis to demand fair wages and dignity. Their “I am a man” signs conveyed a simple message: workers are individuals with human rights, and they would no longer tolerate being treated as expendable.

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5th Anniversary of Moral Monday Movement
On Monday, April 30, 2018, we will commemorate the Moral Monday Movement as we hold a special Moral Monday Get Out the Vote Observance: Click here to find out more.

Join the Raise the Wage in NC – May 22, Raleigh, NC
State-wide coalition called Raising Wages NC, a broad, diverse group of working people who all believe that all workers in NC deserve a living wage.
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How Images Change Our Race Bias
It is precisely because our ability to see is largely learned and heavily influenced by media images, that we can also relearn how to see. A number of studies in cognitive sciences in recent years have shown how people can, for example, reduce racial biases through practices of seeing.
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Confirmation of Latest Right-Wing Judge for Lifetime Post ‘Should Send Shockwaves Across the Nation’
Highlighting the degree to which the Trump administration is reshaping the judiciary, the Senate on Tuesday confirmed Kyle Duncan—”a darling of right-wing social crusaders”…
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‘The Stuff of Slumlords’: Ben Carson Unveils Plan to Triple Rent on Poor Americans Using Housing Assistance
Blatantly flouting his own agency’s advice, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson announced Wednesday a plan to triple the rent for low-income individuals...
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The 2018 Harlem International Film Festival
With a festival-wide theme of “Harlem International Presents XIIIgent films for Exigent Times!”, the Opening Night selection will feature the return of award-winning alum Christina Kallas, with her film festival hit, "The Rainbow Experiment".
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Angela Quiles Nevarez Appointed Co-Chair of Jackson Lewis’ Hispanic-American Attorney Resource Group
Angela Quiles Nevarez focuses her practice on employment litigation. She defends employers involving claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, wrongful termination…
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Four Years Since Flint Crisis Began, Ellison Unveils Bill Declaring ‘Clean Water a Right for All’
Many locals also continue to suffer from long-term physical ailments, including lung and kidney damage. And the town’s economic difficulties persist, with more than 41 percent of residents living in poverty.
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