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GDN eNews - October 7, 2019
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How the US Could Afford ‘Medicare for All’ – Americans’ Number-One Priority

Health care is Americans’ number-one priority, based on recent polls, so it’s no wonder it’s been a hot topic in the Democratic primary. Every candidate is offering a plan, ranging from Joe Biden’s Affordable Care Act upgrade to Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for all” that would abolish private health insurance. Even the president is joining the bandwagon and unveiled his own Medicare plan.


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Money Is Not Speech and Corporations Are Not People
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IN MEMORIAM: Groundbreaking Actress Diahann Carroll Dies at 84
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Motown Founder Berry Gordy Known as “the King of Pop” Retires
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Apple TV+ First Film ‘The Banker’ Will Close AFI FEST 2019
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HUD Says Deregulation, Not Affordable Housing, Needed to Solve Homelessness
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Native Son Returns Home to Premier Book Dr. Ron Daniels Launches First Book
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