November 17 - November 23, 2017
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The Hidden Rules of Race: Barriers
to an Inclusive Economy

Why do black families own less than white families? Why does school segregation persist decades after Brown v. Board of Education? Why is it harder for black adults to vote than for white adults? Will addressing economic inequality solve racial and gender inequality as well? This book answers all of these questions and more by revealing the hidden rules of race that create barriers to inclusion today.

While many Americans are familiar with the histories of slavery and Jim Crow, we often don’t understand how the rules of those eras undergird today’s economy, reproducing the same racial inequities 150 years after the end of slavery and 50 years after the banning of Jim Crow segregation laws.

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Latest Headlines
AUTOPSY: The Democratic Party in Crisis – Leadership Still Chasing Republican Voters
The party should avidly promote inspiring programs such as single-payer Medicare for all, free public college tuition, economic security, infrastructure ....
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Here’s What Really Cuts Black Lives Short!
Among the growing middle- and upper-class African American community, health outcomes are still poorer in African Americans, even when their socioeconomic status is comparable to white Americans.
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Why We Need to Save the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The bureau has brought cases against companies that attempted to take advantage of seniors by, for example, misrepresenting the interest rates on pension advance loans ...
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17-Year Old CEO Launches Workshop Series to Help High School Students Reach Their Potential
The ‘Science Behind It’ workshops series will include innovative STEAM classes that will show students how to formulate their own personal care products such lip balms, toothpaste ...
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Unintended Consequences – The Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color
Gamble believes that a home is where people will raise their families, live life and make lasting memories. But she says it is also the place to build equity and wealth for their futures.
Is the FBI’s New Focus on “Black Identity Extremists” the New COINTELPRO?
According to the report, Black Identity Extremists are individuals who, “in response to perceived racism and injustice,” commit violent acts in the name of those beliefs ...
Greater Diversity Jobs
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Wayne Community College
Barnhill Contracting Company
Barnhill Contracting Company
Barnhill Contracting Company
American South General Contractors
Baker Mechanical, Inc.
Clancy & Theys Construction Co.
Crowder Construction
Durham Housing Authority
Edifice Inc.
Mitchell Community College
County of Wayne
North Carolina Department of Transportation
Orange Water & Sewer Authority
Terry’s Plumbing and Utilities, Inc.
County of Wake
Wake County Public School System
Wake Technical Community College
Yates Construction Co. Inc.
Yates Construction Co. Inc.
Yates Construction Co. Inc.
UNC Hospitals
City of Statesville
Orange Water and Sewer Authority
Western Piedmont Community College
Robeson Community College

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