December 15 - December 21, 2017
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"Obama: An Intimate Portrait" The Historic Presidency in Photographs

By Pete Souza and foreword by Barack Obama - During Barack Obama’s two terms, Pete Souza was with the President during more crucial moments than anyone else–and he photographed them all. Souza captured nearly two million photographs of President Obama, in moments highly classified and disarmingly candid.

"Obama: An Intimate Portrait" reproduces more than 300 of Souza’s most iconic photographs with fine-art print quality in an oversize collectible format. Together they document the most consequential hours of the Presidency–including the historic image of President Obama and his advisors in the Situation Room during the bin Laden mission–alongside unguarded moments with the President’s family, his encounters with children, interactions with world leaders and cultural figures, and more.

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Jones Wins: “The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice”
I’m pledging to do that tonight, but I will tell you, tonight is a night for rejoicing because as Dr. King said, as Dr. King liked to quote, “The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice.”
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3 Ways The Tax Reform Bill Would Hit Seniors Hard In Health Costs
Older Americans have some important issues to consider in terms of how the bill could affect their health-care costs. For starters, the tax reform proposal would eliminate the tax deduction for medical expenses …
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Shattering Black Male Stereotypes and Empowerment Summit
Shattering Black Male Stereotypes highlights the 10 most destructive media generated illusions about Black men. It is a practical, informative and illustrative resource packed with proven solutions and techniques …
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3UFirst Calls on Black Leaders to Unite to Finally Solve the Major Problems in the Black Community
Amen comments, “To reach our full potential as a community, we must start working together. By not working together, we continue to dilute our power and resources without solving the problems. …”
Are We Really “Woke?” Author Challenges Black Entrepreneurs to Examine What’s Holding Them Back
Jacqueline reveals that the root cause, which dates back to slavery, still has a strong effect on the mindset of many Black people today. A large majority refuse to let go of the mentality …
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FCC’s Internet Rules, Led by Trump’s Hand-Picked Chairman, May Spell Trouble Ahead
Telecommunications companies will soon be able to dictate how we use the internet to get information, organize and take action, make purchases, and stream video. But net neutrality isn’t dead yet.


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