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Economic Equity

Expanding Equal Access

Denver City Council Members to End Contracts With For-Profit Prison Operators

Two for-profit prison operators lost a combined $10.6 million in contracts after a progressive councilwoman convinced her fellow members of

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Amid Disingenuous Vows for Unity, ICE Raids in Mississippi ‘Sow Fear, Pain and Discord’

Human and civil rights advocates in Mississippi and across the country called out the Trump administration Thursday after federal immigration

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Mixtroz Wins Women’s Business Enterprise Council South Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Awards recognize those newer woman-owned companies that evidence a strong growth trajectory, but also have a proven track record of innovation, extraordinary service provision…

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Securing America’s Fair Elections (SAFE) Act Passed in June – But Who Cares?

People are organizing and attempting to overcome interference by mobilizing the Democratic base of voters. Barbara Arnwine, who founded and leads the Transformative Justice Coalition…

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Cop Who Killed Eric Garner on Video Finally Closer to Being Fired After Five Years

Two days after activists protested yelling “fire Pantaleo” at a Democratic debate in Detroit with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio standing on stage, a New York administrative judge ruled that Pantaleo should be fired.

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A National Crisis: Surging Hate Crimes and White Supremacists

Regardless of race or ethnicity, our history chronicles the range of hate crimes that have taken the lives of Latinos as well as Native Americans, Blacks, Jews, and the LGBTQ community.

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Small Business Health Care Act Gets Bipartisan Approval in North Carolina House of Representatives

Senate Bill 86 Small Business Health Care Act passed the state House 82-32 and is expected to also be approved by the state Senate.

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New Educational Model: ‘Why Sammy Still Can’t Read: A Service Delivery Model for Creating a Culture of Reading’

By Leroy McClure to his brother, Sam
Reading is a fundamental element of learning, but not everybody has that skill. Two authors with experience in education want to change that and have released a new book to help make that happen. The book was inspired by personal experience.

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Single Black Seniors Network is Coming to a City Near You

Single Black Seniors Network (SBSN) is proud to announce that it is expanding their network beyond the Chicagoland region. SBSN is a socialization network of like-minded seniors who come together to interact…

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Why Are Police Still More Likely to Kill Men and Women of Color?

Michael Brown was killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, five years ago. Since then, U.S. police have killed more than 5,000 people. Researchers and activists only know about these deaths because

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