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Economic Equity

Expanding Equal Access

Majority of Caregivers with Family Suffering from Dementia, Spend Less Time with Friends

Family caregivers take on big responsibilities that can be physically, emotionally and financially challenging. AARP’s new research shows that this can be particularly true for those caring for loved ones with dementia…

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New Film Honors the Life of Harriet Tubman

The brave African American who became known as the “Moses” of her people, didn’t stop with her own freedom but went back – repeatedly – to help others and over the course of a decade, led countless slaves along the Underground Railroad

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Rosanell Eaton, Queen Mother of Voting Rights, Dies at 97

“Ms. Rosanell Eaton was the 97-year-old matriarch in our four-year successful court fight against voter suppression, from 2013 to 2016,” Rev. Dr. William Barber, the architect of the Forward Together Moral Monday Movement…

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Quit Playin’: Trump Voters Must Re-Apply!

If you ride with Donald Trump, who controls 40% of the national electorate, this missive is for you. For those who gifted him with a questionable 50% Job Approval rating in a recent Rasmussen poll… this is for you! As it relates to our friendship, you must re-apply.

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Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities

Let us be clear: human rights and human needs do not disappear based on immigration status. Everyone needs a safe, secure place to live, nutritious food, and access to adequate health care. Keeping poor families out of housing…

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Part Two: The Pitt County Model – a Greater Diversity News (GDN) Exclusive Part XXIII

“We worked, and it paid off in Pitt County.” Mildred Council has issued a call to Shaw Bears to sign-up for GDN’s eNews and to review “A Call to Colors” on its site.

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Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship Transformed My Worldview  

Ten college students at one of the more than 600 Minority Serving Institutions across the country will win a prestigious Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship to study abroad 2019.

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“A Call to Colors” Strategy – Defeat Voter Suppression

GDN’s strategy for “A Call to Colors” response is quite simple and powerful.  Ask all alumni associations, at all levels, to create standing committees for non-partisan civic engagement.

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Detroit NAACP Slams Michigan Republicans for Trying to Limit Democrats’ Power

The resolution to these issues in Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina is very simple, Anthony continued. “Respect the will of the people. Get better policies and you will win more voters. Don’t try to steal it…

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Is the Migrant Caravan Real or A Fabricated Masquerade?

These caravans were started 15 years ago, and in 2018 the situation has reached human rights conditions, because with the election of President Juan Orlando Hernandez in Honduras, there is a military enforced curfew….

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