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Economic Equity

Expanding Equal Access

Notre Dame’s History Is Nine Centuries of Change, Renovation and Renewal

While some parts of the cathedral might be irreplaceable, I believe many future generations continue to admire and learn…

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New Cholesterol Study: Pass the Eggs, or Pass on the Eggs?

Developing heart disease was a bummer for egg lovers. Should you stop eating eggs because of this new finding?

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Neglect, Disrespect of Puerto Rico Continues

The Donald Trump administration’s response to the crisis reveals that Puerto Ricans are racialized as subordinate, despite their US citizenship…

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Oil and Natural Gas Industry is Ripe with High Paying Opportunities for Minorities

We expect that in this workforce of future, African Americans and Latinos will supply almost 40 percent…

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Leading State-Based Healthcare Marketplaces Have Performed Well

The report examines the impact that federal and state actions have had on state-based marketplaces and the federally…

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Don’t Go Out That Door Spiritually Unarmed

Spiritual warfare as my bible says (for believers), is fought in the mind, in the emotions and in the will… we’re really struggling against “the devil’s schemes.”

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Alpha Advocacy in Action Alert: Voter Engagement Strategies

Watch a special message from Everett B. Ward, Ph.D. On the importance of voter engagement and turnout for elections…

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Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network Challenges Women to Stop Accepting Mediocrity

PWEN is a Phoenix-based 501c3 partnership organization created to support, encourage, and empower women of all ages and races. Since 2013, the nonprofit has positively impacted…

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Black Detectives Win Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against the NYPD

Last week, the three detectives were awarded the $700,000 settlement which includes back pay and damages to account for their loss…

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Meet the ‘Doctor’ Who Helps Black Entrepreneurs Go Viral

Dante Lee is not a medical doctor, but he is known and well-respected as a Revenue Doctor™. That’s because he is a marketing genius…

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