Fair Courts Day of Action on January 10, Can You Be There?

Fair Courts Day of Action on January 10, Can You Be There?

by January 4, 2018


North Carolina – We’re only one week away from our Fair Courts Day of Action on January 10!

When lawmakers return to Raleigh next Wednesday to consider major changes to our judicial system — from gerrymandering judicial maps, to slashing judicial terms, to eliminating judicial elections altogether — we’re asking you to join us, beginning at 11 a.m., to fight back. Current details of the day’s agenda (subject to change):

– At 11 a.m. on Bicentennial Plaza (1 E. Edenton St, Raleigh, across from the legislative building) we’re holding a coalition media event meant to expose the latest legislative attacks on our state’s courts.

– At noon, we’ll move inside where experts will lead a lunchtime teach-in on how legislative leaders’ back-door schemes could impact your ability to vote for judges, and discuss ways you can show your opposition. A box lunch will be provided for participants.

– After, you’ll have the opportunity to engage your lawmakers, impact the legislative process, and rally throughout the afternoon until 5 p.m. alongside other North Carolinians who care about fair courts in 2018.

We just want to make sure — can you be there for all or part of the day on January 10?

YES. I wouldn’t miss it (click here to let us know).

NO. I can’t be there, but I’d still like to take action for fair courts (click here for next steps).

Because this is a great first chance to turn out, speak out, and find out where your legislators stand in 2018, Democracy North Carolina is offering rides to Raleigh on January 10 from several regions of the state, including Asheville, Charlotte, and Winston-Salem. Click here to RSVP, find a ride, and learn more ways to get involved with the Fair Courts Day of Action.

I want to close by saying how proud we are to stand with you in 2018, not to mention our amazing coalition partners from groups like Common Cause NC, North Carolina Council of Churches, North Carolina NAACP, North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections, and Progress NC. We’ve made our New Year’s resolution to tirelessly defend our right to vote in this important justice election year. Join us on January 10 to start the year off right (we’ve made it easy).

Hope to see you there.

Fair Courts Day, Take 4 easy steps to stop the next attack on our democracy.

Politicians in Raleigh are promoting bills to gerrymander judicial voting districts and replace judicial elections with a plan for legislative leaders to reward their friends with judicial appointments.  It’s a bold move – and it must be stopped. It’s time to rise up, fight back, and let lawmakers hear your opposition to this judicial coup now.

STEP #1 

Get more information about these attacks on our courts and how to talk about them. 

STEP #2 

Access the N.C. General Assembly judicial comment form and share your feedback on these attacks on our courts.


RSVP for and attend all or part of the Fair Courts Day of Action at the N.C. General Assembly in Raleigh on January 10, 2018.  (Can’t make it? Let us deliver your message).

Current Fair Courts Day of Action Schedule of Events
11a-12p | Press Conference (Bicentennial Plaza, 1 E Edenton St., Raleigh)
12p-1p | Teach-In and Training, plus Box Lunch (NCGA Auditorium, 16 W Jones St., Raleigh)
1p-5p | Lawmaker Meetings, Attend Special Session, Rally for Fair Courts


Can’t make it the the Fair Courts Day of Action on Jan. 10, but still want to make a difference? Join the thousands of North Carolinians who have openly opposed these attacks on our courts— sign our petition and we’ll deliver them for you on January 10. 

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