Fitness Experts Share Safety Tips

Fitness Experts Share Safety Tips

by September 1, 2015

NEW YORK — Are you looking to increase your physical activity as we move into the waning days of summer? While the warm weather might seem like an ideal time to head outdoors for heart-pumping exercise, it is important to maintain appropriate safety measures when doing any form of rigorous activity especially during these warmer times. If left overlooked and untreated, the hot heat can cause dehydration and heat stroke.

Start your Monday Mile

“Take advantage of the opportunity to get active while enjoying the outdoors by walking a mile with friends, family, and/ or co-workers. The health benefits are worth it: Research has shown that walking at least 30 minutes a day can help improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Walking can also reduce the risk of certain diseases such as colon and breast cancer, obesity and type 2 diabetes,” – Morgan Johnson, MPH, The Monday Campaigns, director of programs and research.

Move It Monday Fitness Tips from Experts

To end the season on a positive note and stay safe while having fun and doing the Monday Mile in the summer sun, the Move It Monday team reached out to hear what our fitness experts suggest:

When to Work out:

“If possible, work out early in the morning or late, late in the evening. These are typically the coolest parts of the day and every degree cooler can help.” – Glenneth Reed, CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine

“Work out at the coolest time of the day.” – Wendy Bumgardner, certified marathon coach, Road Runners Club of America

“You don’t have to reserve time for fitness away from spending time with those you love, necessarily. Have fun in the pool, play around the playground, do family field day, or walk. Blend the two and it’s multitasking at its best!” – Katrina Elle, CPT, National Academy of Sports

Working Out Safely:

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! You’re exercising for the betterment of your health, so don’t forget the health of your skin!” – Tami Ulrich, CPT

“Select routes that are shaded and soak a scarf or buff in water to keep your neck cool.” – Wendy Bumgardner, certified marathon coach, Road Runners Club of America

“Give your body time to acclimate to the increasing temperatures by starting with shorter, lower intensity workouts as the weather starts to warm up.” – Tami Ulrich, CPT

“Heat and humidity have a negative effect on your body’s performance. When exercising outdoors this summer, be prepared to scale back the duration and intensity of your workouts as the temperature starts to rise.” – Tami Ulrich, CPT

“When all else fails, move indoors. When the temperature gets over 90, 95, or even 100, it may be time to explore the gym whose membership you have been paying or try new gyms in the area.” – Glenneth Reed, CPT, National Academy of Sports

How to Hydrate Properly:

“Drinks lots of water throughout the day. Make sure you are plenty hydrated before you start your workout. Going on a long run/walk?

Carry a water bottle with you. but leave more water in a cooler in your car. That way if you run out or when you finish, you can continue hydrating.” – Glenneth Reed, CPT, National Academy of Sports

“Don’t know if you’re drinking enough during your summer workouts? Weigh yourself before your workout and after. You should weigh the same if you’re hydrating enough.” – Wendy Bumgardner, certified marathon coach, Road Runners Club of America

About Move It Monday

Move It Monday is a campaign from the Monday Campaigns, a non-profit public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and Syracuse universities that dedicates the first day of the week to health. Each Monday, individuals and organizations around the globe come together to commit to healthy behaviors like quitting smoking, exercise, and nutrition that help end chronic preventable diseases.

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