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Voter Engagement

Educate, Organize, Mobilize

Here’s What Happened When Black Politicians Held Power

During the Reconstruction period after the U.S. Civil War, southern counties with black officeholders had a lower literacy gap between blacks and whites …

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How Much Did African-Americans Shape President Lincoln’s Views?

It broke new ground by arguing that African-Americans were not simply passive recipients of Lincoln’s benevolence, but shaped his attitudes …

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Raising Questions About Citizen Input in Government Contracts

There’s been a lot written on how citizens shape public programs, but less is known about services contracted out to an outside entity.

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Tracking Tool Shows Fines for Corporate Misconduct Have Plummeted Under Trump

America’s largest corporations profited immensely from President Trump’s actions, from his deregulatory bonanza to his $1.5 trillion tax cut.

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Republican Ideology – Forget Trump… His Party Is the Problem Now

Republican ideology – Trump is not a deviation; he is their fullest flowering. He is not the party’s nightmare. He is its id, the manifestation of its darkest impulses.

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Igniting Power in Democracy Crisis – Do You Have What it Takes?

Democracy is the only approach to governance that can bring forth the best in us while keeping the worst in check.

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Representative Government – To Be an American Citizen, You Can’t Be Too Dogmatic

What it means to be an American citizen in a representative government: you can’t be too dogmatic, and we need to accept differences …

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Black Woman Leading the Way Forward in 2018

There is a reckoning afoot in this country. On one side, Trump has emboldened and embodied a virulent and reckless hate that targets women, Black people, and immigrants (among many others). Each day brings a new outrage.

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Greater Durham Chamber Annual Meeting on Feb 8: The Future of Now

Futurist and economist Rebecca Ryan will give the keynote address. Ryan is the author of The Next Big Things: The Future of Local Government, ReGENERATION: A Manifesto for America’s Future Leaders …

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