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by October 12, 2010

Greater Diversity NewsOur name, Greater Diversity News, really tells the world where we are politically.  We’re progressive.  To that end, all else being equal, we support what we consider to be the more progressive candidates for office. Click here for sample ballot.  That does not mean that we support a straight democratic ticket.  To the contrary, we suggest voting to maximize the strength of your vote and we suggest ways to do it.  Please be aware that not all races are on all ballots.

No black votes for “whites only” 18th House District

The historically reality of the political spoils system is that “to the victor goes the spoils of war”.  In political wars the winners win the power to make and influence political appointments and opportunities.  The fact that “private club” members gain power through their relationships to politicians and campaigns is, probably beyond reasonable dispute.  The fact is that many of these “private clubs” are restricted to “whites only” as are our local Café Fear Club and Cape Fear Country Club.  These facilities don’t believe in racial equality as is demonstrated by their membership practices.  On the November ballot both candidates for NC House District 18, Democrat, Susi Hamilton and Republican, Beth Dawson are members of the CFCC.  That is whose bidding they will do to the detriment of black voters.  We recommend not voting for either.

Keep Cressie Thigpen on the NC Court of Appeals

Cressie Thigpen is the only black male on the 15 member NC Court of Appeals.  Voting for this race is more complicated than other races because it includes an instant runoff if no candidate gets 50% of the vote on the first ballot.  It also allows a person to vote up to three times, once in each round.  We recommend voting “Cressie Thigpen” in round one and not voting in rounds two and three.

Please understand that there are two other Court of Appeal seats on the ballot and you can vote for those seats without hurting Cressie.  We recommend

Nick Rhodes and Phil Stine for School Board

The 4-3 majority on the New Hanover County School Board seems committed to re-segregating New Hanover County schools.  The democratic candidates on the ballot are our best chance to stop the re-segregation.  Although you can vote for 4 candidates, we recommend voting for only two and thereby strengthening your vote and their chances.


US Senate Elaine Marshall
US House of Rep. Mike McIntyre
NC State Senate Jim Leutze
Board of Commissioners Deborah Butler, Sid Causey
Board of Education Nick Rhodes, Jr., Phil Stine
Clerk of Court Lillian Salcines Bright
Sheriff Ed McMahon
Supreme Court Robert C. (Bob) Hunter
Court of Appeals Jane Gray
Court of Appeals Rick Elmore
District Court Judge Rebecca Blackmore
District Court Judge James Faison
District Court Judge Robin Wicks Robinson
Constitutional Admend… For
Court of Appeals Judge Cressie Thigpen

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