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Timelines: Defeating Voter Suppression

Written by Peter Grear, Esq. on 08 February 2014.

John Travis HoltWhile planning to address issues of concern and writing vision statements, the single most important question is what your particular issue or concern will look like at a given point in time.  Of course this is important because when you describe what you’d like to see in the future, your action plan necessarily contains action items required to achieve your concern or vision. You’re allowed to pick any point in time and ask the question.  So it is with our campaign to defeat voter suppression.  As the efforts to defeat voter suppression move forward we are constantly evaluating the three components of our mantra; (1). What should the education component of our campaign look like? (2). what should the organizational component of our campaign look like? (3). what should the mobilization component of our campaign look like?  However, the more strategic question that we address in this week’s editorial is, what will North Carolina look like politically on Tuesday, November 5th, 2014?  

A successful campaign will produce a political landscape that looks quite different from the landscape that exists today.  I think that it is fair to say that progressive North Carolinians are working to create a different landscape. Their challenge is to respond to components of our mantra in ways that the North Carolina community can understand and support.

There are many tasks that have timelines necessary to defeat voter suppression.  One important timeline is being addressed by Operation Jumpstart being spearheaded by  We’ll continue to bring this type of information to you, but it is imperative that organizations and individuals get involved and help.  The importance of an organized campaign it that organizing helps to prevent the duplication and wasting of resources, it helps to avoid omitting task that are necessary to the campaign’s success and it allows people to benefit from the experiences of others.

Greater Diversity News (GDN) has endeavored to help create and communicate tools, provide an environment that will allow our readers to engage in this important endeavor and add value to its ongoing evolution.  We are constantly doing editorials as well as looking for stories and resources that address our mantra, and bring them to you in print and via the Internet.  Because of what we’ve been doing since July 2013 regarding voter suppression, we think that the combination of our website, and Facebook at offer the best sources to educate the public.  We urge you to use these resources and make suggestions that will help us improve them. 

In future editorials we’ll discuss the necessity of community base organizations around North Carolina helping to coordinate local efforts in local communities.

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