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HK on J: Defeat Voter Suppression

Written by Peter Grear, Esq. on 15 February 2014.

john travis holtI am very, very pleased with the broad-based response and support that has grown up around the HK on J (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) and Moral Monday Movement.  The declared objectives, of course, and the leadership of both initiatives are one and the same.  Core announced policy goals of the initiatives are: Economic sustainability, alleviating poverty and expanding labor rights. Fully funded constitutional education. Health care for all – protecting Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, women's health and the Affordable Health Care Act. Addressing disparities in the criminal justice system. Protecting/expanding voting rights and civil rights. Environmental justice. Fair and just immigration reform. Equal protection under the law regardless of race, income, gender or sexual orientation.

The Movement has targeted the policy legislation enacted by the 2013 legislature and signed into law by Governor McCrory.  To achieve their goals, the NC NAACP has designed a "5-M" grassroots mobilization plan to motivate every citizen to fight against these extremist policies; meet every challenge to suppress the right to vote; mobilize all North Carolinians to the polls regardless of party affiliation; make every effort to fight in the courts against voter suppression and for the restoration of the Voting Rights Act; and move every obstacle that could keep people from voting.

Although Greater Diversity News (GDN) will mainly focus on the voter suppression component of the Movement’s goals, we support all of the objectives of the Movement and the NAACP and will provide ongoing coverage of the same.  We trust that our readers who have not already done so will become active in the Movement and donate generously to the NAACP,  However, we believe that the right to vote is the most precious of our civil rights and the one necessary to protect all others.  The present campaign to defeat voter suppression is the most important struggle that we’ve had in America since the 1960’s and we need your help.

In our efforts to address voter suppression Greater Diversity News is constantly soliciting news from various individuals and organizations that are involved in campaigns to defeat voter suppression.  Although Democracy North Carolina is probably the most strategic non-profit addressing voter suppression, excluding the NAACP, and is working in coalition with other organizations that support their efforts. Everyone that believes in the cause should look for different ways that they can help.  Please don’t sit and wait for someone else to do what you can do.

Presently, I’m involved in creating a Wilmington/New Hanover County campaign to defeat voter suppression and want it to be a model for other local organizations.  To get there we need ideas and suggestions from others that are pursuing the same goal.  Please friend me on Facebook and like so that we can exchange ideas and support.  I think that it is of utmost importance to create or support local organizations that will be critical statewide going forth.  Also, I’ve been writing stories on the topic of voter suppression since November 2013 and have archived them on  

GDN covers news that is vital to unrepresented and underserved communities we need your financial support to help us remain viable.

Peter Grear, Esq. writes for Greater Diversity News with a primary focus on voter suppression.  To join the campaign to defeat voter suppression please “Like” and follow us at, “Share” our articles, and your ideas and comments on Facebook or at our website  Also, to promote the campaign to defeat voter suppression, please ask all of your Facebook “Friends” to follow the above-referenced recommendations. Additionally, please follow us on Twitter at @yourrighttovote.