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The Koch Brothers: They’re Un-American

Written by Peter Grear on 14 April 2014.

Peter Grear posted by John Travis holtEducate, Organize and Mobilize: The campaign to defeat voter suppression must necessarily be as relentless as the voter suppression campaign itself.  I continue to try and raise issues that I think are helpful in educating, organizing and mobilizing our community to address the most serious threat to our civil rights in more than 50 years. To remain current on the issue of voter suppression, I watch news programs, read newspapers and watch talk shows on an ongoing basis.  My favorite network is MSNBC because it appears to give the best coverage to issues, including voter suppression, which I believe are important to my community.  One of my favorite programs is Morning Joe.  Its host is Joe Scarborough, a right-wing conservative and former congressman.  


A week or so ago Harry Reid, Democratic Majority Leader of the United States Senate, lamented about the un-due influence that the super rich, billionaire Koch Brothers were exerting in our political process.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the right-wing think tank that the Koch Brothers fund and lead.  It is my opinion that ALEC and the Koch Brothers represent a substantial, continued threat to the well-being of Blacks, women, Latinos, students, the elderly and other middle class and poor communities.

In speaking out against the Koch Brothers, Harry Reid asserted that they were un-American.  To this assertion Scarborough chastised Harry Reid and seemed to me to have led his other guest in a declaration that the Koch Brothers were true Americans and that Harry Reid was wrong.  Most of Scarborough’s guests were progressives that either agreed with him or conceded his position and failed to challenge him on it.  Scarborough’s contentions were simply that the Koch Brothers were major contributors to the art and cultural community of New York and other cultural communities around the country and major job creators.

In my opinion Scarborough was wrong and his guest that acceded to or agreed with his position were wrong.  Just because a person does something that is right and beneficial to communities at large doesn’t excuse them from the evil that they also do.  Scarborough’s guests should have pointed out the fact that the Koch Brothers are the largest funders of ALEC and its evil, relentless, immoral, right-wing, un-American attack on the right to vote of millions of America.  The Koch Brothers are the largest supporters of the right-wing Republicans and their party that is spearheading the voter suppression war against Black Voters.

As other opinion leaders and ordinary people joined Reid in his criticism of the Koch Brothers, Charles Koch decided to respond to the criticism and recently wrote an editorial that was published in the Wall Street Journal. (See link below).  Historically, comments about programs or policies that may or may not be good for America, often ignore their peculiar impact on Black people and the black community.  Too often opinion leaders fail to challenge these generic comments that may well be accurate as they apply to communities at-large, but inaccurate as they apply to Black people.  You’ll need to read his editorial for yourself, but it appears to me that his editorial is a classic example of this practice. 

Charles Koch claims that he and his brother support equality before the law and want to restore a free society for all Americans.  He claims that he is a victim of character assassination on a daily basis.  He wants the public to ignore the fact that he is funding right wing attacks on Black people through ALEC, the Tea Party and other conservative initiatives.  He ignores the fact that Black people have never been equal in America or the free society that he claims he’s striving for.  He’s ignoring the fact that the Tea Party and Republican Party are home to the birthers, who launched the most racist and despicable race based attack on President Obama imaginable.  The super rich Koch Brother are major donors to organizations leading these attacks.

From now until voter suppression is defeated, the fact that the super rich, Koch Brothers are major donors to these un-American, suppression campaigns must be publicized that the Koch Brothers are in fact un-American.

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