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Dear Obama: Notes From The Hood

Written by Featured Organization on 15 October 2010.

Dear Obama Notes From The Hood New York, NY -- The subject is hot that’s why the book is timely. It’s what the political conversation is among African Americans right now: But it had already been told in the book Dear Obama: Notes From The Hood. Buried among the tons of self -published books this stellar discovery rises to the top as a well written insightful gem, a work ahead of its time. For example, besides the issues notable journalist Tavis Smiley has already raised on this subject, judging from one of Ebony’s recent top stories Is Black Leadership Dead?, much of what had been raised in the Ebony article had also been dealt with in detail in K. Roussan C’s book Dear Obama: Notes From The Hood.

Is this book controversial? Yes. Is it interesting? Yes. Informative? No doubt. It’s everything a book should be. And the literary agents who turned it down because of its groundbreaking hot wire topic are now banging their heads in regret. Yes, this book is agitating but not one sided. It is asking: Are African Americans a monolithic group? It seemed that way for a moment in the mesmerizing aura of Obama’s White House. Many were unwilling to see it disturbed, even at their own social and economic expense. Therefore a dissenting black voice had been hardly allowed to be entertained. But with questions rising among our important black intellectual voices like Michael Eric Dyson, the dialogue is on. And knowing it has never been either/or, in the African American dialogue for self-determination, we are not about to start censoring each other.

K Roussan C says: “The moment African Americans indulge enmasse in a self-imposed pledge of silence on any topic, including the president’s performance as it pertains to our neighborhoods and concerns, progress is impeded.”

Whether people agree with this book or not, many do agree that dialogue amongst African Americans is essential to progress - And this book handles the sensitive dialogue about Obama’s disposition to our inner city yearnings with a scrupulousness that is deserving of nothing but respect.

But there is more! Obama aside, this book also breaks down the many characters that make up the drama of life in the ‘hood, especially as it relates to music, fashion, and everyday behavior. Have we in developing resistance to the pain of discrimination also developed dysfunctional behaviors that are so hard core and deep-rooted, we now strongly identify with them and are unwilling to let go?

K. Roussan C is not white nor is he Republican, he is not a member of the Tea Party Movement, or an Obama hater. He’s just a young up-and-coming, plain old born-and-raised in the heart of the inner city, college-educated son of the soil, who votes Democrat. He’s telling it as he sees it, and a whole lot of people are identifying. The book is available to read or order at: and