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Results and Analysis of the Social Auditor Standards Survey

on 05 March 2009.

What should social auditors know and what should they be able to do? How can social auditing training courses teach knowledge and skills? These and other social auditing questions were answered in the Verité and CREA Social Auditor Standards wiki, based on the Social Auditor Survey. Download the survey results here.


Download Results and Analysis of the Social Auditor Standards Survey.

I. INTRODUCTION Verité and CREA are facilitating a process to further the development of standards for the knowledge, skills, and competencies of social auditors with the financial support of the US Department of State's Office of International Labor Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility. The project runs from January 2008 to December 2009, and promotes dialogue among stakeholders on social auditor standards through surveys, a wiki, conferences and meetings with the goal of developing a comprehensive set of training standards for the knowledge and skills of social auditors.

The Project has several steps, including identifying the essential components of a draft standard through a stakeholder survey, dialogue on those standards via a wiki and face to face meetings, development of draft standards and pilot testing of training standards with training institutions, and dialogue and recommendations for institutionalization of the standards. These steps are show below.

The Project focuses on facilitating the development of a social auditing standard, and is not concerned with code harmonization, standards for audit methodology, standards for remediation, standards for how audit groups/firms should be evaluated or accredited as institutions, creation of a single training methodology or course provider, or establishing an accreditation institution. The Project timeline is shown below. The project is currently in the Consensus Building and Forums stage.

Results and Analysis of the Social Auditor Standards Survey.