Comprehensive engineering and surveying services are requested for design and preparation of contract documents for the purpose of rehabilitating approximately 10,000 L.F. of sewer outfall for the Greenville Utilities Commission. Project scope will include the review and updating of previously prepared pipeline condition assessments for the purpose of confirming rehabilitation priorities for the current project; evaluation and selection of recommended pipeline and manhole rehabilitation technologies; preparation of contract documents for construction; construction administration and inspection. The estimated start date for services on this project is November 2017 and the estimated completion date for construction is March 2019. Those firms which meet the requirements described in this announcement and wish to be considered must submit six (6) completed copies of Standard Form (SF) 330, Parts I & II. Include an SF 330 Part II for each consultant listed in Block C of the firm’s submittal.

Consultant evaluation criteria will include: (1) Recent specialized experience in gravity sanitary sewer main and manhole rehabilitation. Do not list more than a total of five (5) projects in Section F. Provide references (including name and contact information for the client) and summaries for each listed project. Indicate which staff and consultants from the proposed team participated in the design of each project in Section G. (2) Professional qualifications of the staff to be assigned to this project. Identify the role and the relevant experience of each team member as it relates to this project, with specific regard to their participation in similar projects. Identify the office location where each team member proposed for this project is based. Clearly identify all project experience listed that was with another firm. (3) Capacity of the firm to accomplish the work within the required timeframe. Indicate in Section H the workload and availability of the project team, including any consultants, for the specified contract performance period. (4) Past performance on contracts with government agencies and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. Indicate by briefly describing in Section H, internal quality assurance/quality control procedures and cost control procedures and indicate effectiveness by listing final A/E estimate, construction award amount and percentage differential, and construction change orders for up to five recent projects. List recent awards, commendations and other performance valuations (do not submit copies). (5) Additional information. Clearly and concisely discuss in Section H why, based upon the selection criteria, GUC should select your firm for this project. For firms applying with multiple offices, indicate the office which completed each of the projects listed in Section F and identify the location of the office where the work for this project will be delivered from, and the number of personnel in that office. Use Section H to provide any other additional information desired.

It is requested that interested firms list prior names the firm has used in the past three years, including the parent company, branch offices, affiliates, and subsidiaries. Responders are advised that the Greenville Utilities Commission has a two percent participation goal for MBE/WBE firms for professional services. Submittals are limited to a total of 30 pages, including cover letter and any extraneous materials. Standard page size shall be 8-½” x 11”. An exception will be allowed for graphical purposes (i.e., maps, etc.) in which case a maximum page size of 11” x 17” may be used. Minimum allowable font size is 10. The submittal package is to be received in the office of the Director of Water Resources, Greenville Utilities Commission, PO Box 1847, 801 Mumford Road, Greenville, NC 27835-1847, no later than 4:00 PM on September 8, 2017.

Inquiries concerning this request should be directed to Steve Porter, P.E., Water Resources Systems Engineer, at (252) 551-1494 or