Hispanic Training Center to Enable Career Advancement and Job Creation for U.S. Latinos

by August 13, 2012

According to the Center for Hispanic Leadership (CHL), universities and corporations must become more culturally sensitive of the educational requirements that will better prepare and enable Hispanics in the classroom and the workplace. In response to this growing need, CHL has identified and invested heavily in a unique approach that combines culturally relevant curriculum and interactive video-based technology: Hispanic Training Center, launching August 6th.


CHL research shows that Hispanics are underserved in professional development that focuses on leveraging their cultural heritage. More so, it reveals that traditional consensus-based organizations are not yet ready to modify their workplace culture to fully embrace the passionate, entrepreneurial and familial style tendencies that Hispanics bring to the table. As such, for many years Latinos have felt forced to assimilate in the workplace – but are now ready to reach for success by learning how to leverage their heritage and utilize their unique skills and natural characteristics.

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