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You’re Probably Paying More for Your Car Loan or Mortgage Than You Should

Most of us shop until we drop for price bargains on clothes, computers or virtually anything else. With the internet, finding the best deal among products and companies is easier than ever.

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Student-Led Program to “Innovate Against Hate” Promoting Values of Fairness, Equity and Inclusion

New York – The ADL: Innovate Against Hate (Hashtag = #InnovateAgainstHate) campus challenge is currently underway across the country. The student

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Historic Thousands That Gathered in Raleigh, Despite the Rain

Yesterday’s delegation of resisters shall come to recognize we have a collective soul that will not perish.  A soul that will rise in triumph over every obstacle cast in our path …

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Protect Your Business Against Data Loss That Could Hinder Your Success

Data loss is every business’s nightmare. In fact, the majority of companies that do experience a mass disappearance of vital, computer-kept information never turn their lights on again.

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Celebrating Great Civilizations of Africa – NAACP and Africa-America Institute Announce Alliance

The NAACP will work with the Africa-America Institute on the development and distribution of a curriculum designed to highlight the accomplishments and history of African Diaspora.

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How Small Town Mayor Joyce Whichard-Brown Is Making Main Street Vibrant Again and Getting Businesses Back

WILLIAMSTON, N.C. – Whichard-Brown says she and the town council want to make Williamston “vibrant again,” which means addressing all of the vacant buildings on Main Street, getting businesses to come back, hire and operate like they used to.

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Warsaw Mayor Connors’ Has Vision for a Better Community

(WARSAW, N.C.) – He won Warsaw’s top job by only two certified votes in November, and made history, becoming that Duplin County town’s first African-American mayor. “My goal is to reach a company that will [come to Warsaw] with jobs for 200 people or more …”

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Joining Fellow Citizens in Protest or Peaceful Assembly Critical to Functioning Democracy

But it is also unfortunately true that governments and police can violate this right – through the use of mass arrests, illegal use of force, criminalization of protest, and other means intended to thwart free public expression.

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Fayetteville State University Valuable Economic Engine for Community and Region

A study has found that Fayetteville State University (FSU) is a valuable economic engine in the Fayetteville community, generating substantial economic returns annually.

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NCDOT News: Ellis Airport Contributes Over 370 Jobs to the Economy of Jacksonville and Onslow County

Thanks in part to $2.4 million in grants awarded by the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation, Albert J. Ellis Airport in Richlands is finally getting its own air traffic control tower (ATC).

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Special Master Releases Final Recommendations in NC Racial Gerrymandering Case

Special Master tasked with reviewing the North Carolina’s 2017 redistricting plan, submitted a final set of recommendations to the federal Middle District Court of North Carolina earlier today.

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North Carolina NAACP Statement on the U.S. Senate Tax Scam

The NC NAACP stands with and defends all who are colored by the sin of discrimination. Those who have created and lobbied for the US Senate Tax “Reform” Bill–including Acting-President Trump–are guilty of not one, but three sins.

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