City of Durham:  Dept. of Water Management Compliance Services

by November 28, 2018


To: Potential UBE Partner
We are inviting your firm to submit a bid on the project below:

City of Durham:
Dept. of Water Management Compliance Services
To be located in Chapel Hill, NC
Bids Due:
12/5/18 at 2:00 PM (Eastern)

Triangle Electrical Services, Inc. will be bidding as an ELECTRICAL subcontractor on the Compliance Services Building. Your HUB/WMBE firm’s contact information was either listed on website and/or included in the bid document package. We would be interested in partnering with your firm on a portion or portions of this project. Please let me know of your interest via phone, fax or email and I will be happy to forward the bid documents and further discuss the project.

If you do not wish to receive any additional information regarding this project, just let me       know and I will remove your name from this list.

Email :

Contact: Sue Manchester
Phone: (919) 929-8785
Fax: (919) 929-8731

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