City of Saluda Water and Sewer Improvements

by October 3, 2018


City of Saluda Water and Sewer Improvements

2:00 PM

Bid Date:
October 11, 2018

Project Scope:
THE PROJECT GENERALLY CONSISTS OF repairs to an existing water booster pump station, the recoating of a ground level welded steel water storage tank, several interconnections and replacement of existing water lines with approximately 1,460 liner feet (LF) of new 6” water lines and 2,540 LF of new 8” water lines, the replacement of an existing sewage lift station with a new precast concrete duplex lift station, and the installation of new and replacement of existing sewer lines with approximately 4,920 LF of new 8” gravity sewer lines and appurtenances. Please contact Cooper Construction Company at 828.692.7238 for this project or email Danny Dash at: .

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