Contract ID C20413, County Robeson, Route No. US 74, Location US-74 At SR – 2220 (Broadridge Rd.) And US – 74 at SR-2225

by October 9, 2017


C. M. Lindsay & Sons, Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer Will be bidding on the following projects on October 17, 2017 We are most interested in receiving quotes from your company on the project listed.

Contract ID
Route No.
US 74
US-74 AT SR-2220 (Broadridge Rd.) And US-74 At SR-2225

Type of Work:
grading, drainage, asphalt paving, and structures.

Subcontracting Opportunities:
Roadway & Structure:  
construction surveying, clearing & grubbing, storm drain piping, drainage structures, concrete endwalls, permanent and work zone signs, portable concrete barrier, pavement markings, erosion control items and permanent and temporary seeding items, subdrain piping, asphalt millings and guardrail & fencing items, trucking/hauling, asphalt paving and other items that may be performed by your firm.

Plans and Proposals can be viewed at:
C.M. Lindsay & Sons, Office located in Lumberton, NC. Or the NCDOT’s website: ( Default.aspx) and on ISqFt.

We request that quotes for this project be sent to our office by Monday, October 16th , 2017 by the end of business day.  Quotes can be faxed to 910-739-2820, be email to  or attention:  C. M. Lindsay, Jr.

 Please do not hesitate to call 910-739-8988, Thank you – C. M. Lindsay Jr.

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