Davidson County (Davidson I-85 Corporate Park – Egger Parkway) Bid # 1808007

by August 9, 2018


Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. An Equal Employment Opportunity Contractor, Will Consider All Quotes Regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, or National Origin and is Soliciting Bids from M/WBE Participation.

We would appreciate a quotation from your firm for any and all work and/or materials on the following project:
 (1)  Davidson County (Davidson I-85 Corporate Park – Egger Parkway) Bid # 1808007
 Bids:  8-23-18 @ 2:00 PM

We are soliciting subcontract bids for the following trades. Work may include, but not limited to: Materials, Pipe Work, Asphalt Paving, Aggregate Base Course, Seeding, Mulching, Water, Sewer, Earthwork, Clearing & Grubbing, Erosion Control, Site Grading, Curb & Gutter, Demolition, Excavation, Hauling & any incidentals and materials necessary for construction to complete the project.

All questions during the bid are to be directed to Daniel Lynch, via email to dlynch@jrlynchandsons.com or if you want a link to review the plans and specs.

You may view plans & specs at the following locations:  JRL Office @ 307 S. Academy St. Pilot Mtn, NC or Contract Documents may be issued in electronic (pdf) format through Stimmel Associates, P.A. 601 N. Trade Street, Suite 200; Winston-Salem, NC  27101 (336-723-1067).  Printed Sets can also be purchased from:  Sharpe Images, 230 Charlois Blvd.  Winston-Salem NC (336-724-2871) or Steeds Service & Reprographics; 109 Pineywood St. Thomasville, NC  27360 (336-475-0745).  Documents may also be viewed on the iSqFt website at isqft.com

If you need plans or specs., equip., credit lines, secure loans, joint payments, insurance or quick payments—call Daniel @ J.R.L.  (J.R.L. will furnish bonds for all projects & will help you obtain the proper certification, (if you are not certified.)

It is Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. policy NOT to require M/WBE subcontractors to provide bonding to Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. for their portion of the work. All M/WBE subcontractors will be allowed to work under Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. Performance & Payment Bonds to the Owner.

Financial Assistance:
Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. will provide Joint Check Agreements to all M/WBE subcontractors. Please request a Joint Check agreement in writing if needed and Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. will work with you and the material vendor to develop a Joint Check Agreement to satisfy all parties.

Quick Payments:
It is Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. policy to provide Quick Payments if needed to all M/WBE subcontractors. Jimmy R Lynch & Sons, Inc. will provide payment to all M/WBE subcontractors on a weekly and/or monthly.

JRL encourages 2nd tier M/WBE Subcontracting opportunities.  We encourage our subcontractors to utilize 2nd and 3rd tier M/WBE Subcontractors.

Please Submit Quote the Day Prior to Bid Opening.

Phone:  336-368-4047
Fax:      336-368-4613

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