East Carolina University – Life Science and Biotechnology Building project

by March 27, 2019



Rodgers is accepting job specific trade contractor prequalification applications for the East Carolina University – Life Science and Biotechnology Building project. The prequalification deadline for submission is no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 18, 2019. Prequalification applications may be obtained at www.rodgersbuilders.com. Prequalification applications submitted late or incomplete will not be reviewed. Rodgers strongly encourages minority, small and women owned businesses to prequalify and participate on this project.

East Carolina University – Life Science and Biotechnology Building bid packages include: 03A LSB Complete Concrete, 04A LSB Masonry/Precast, 05A LSB Structural/Miscellaneous Steel, 06B LSB Cabinetry/Casework, 07A LSB Roofing & Accessories, 07B LSB Waterproofing/Sealants, 07C LSB Fireproofing, 07D LSB Vapor Mitigation System, 07E LSB Exterior Metal Panel Systems, 08A LSB Glass Assemblies, 08B LSB Passage Door Assemblies, 08C LSB Service Door Assemblies, 09A1 LSB Drywall Assemblies/Exterior, 09A2 LSB Drywall Assemblies/1st&2nd Floors Interior, 09A3 LSB Drywall Assemblies/3rd&4th & Penthouse Floors Interior, 09A4 LSB Drywall Assemblies/Complete Combination, 09C LSB Acoustical Assemblies, 09D1 LSB Hard Tile/Stone, 09D2 LSB Terrazzo, 09E LSB Floor Coverings/Resilient & Carpeting, 09F LSB Painting & Wallcovering, 10A LSB Building Appurtenances, 10B LSB Signage, 11D LSB Residential Appliances, 12A LSB Window Treatments, 12C LSB Cold Rooms, 12D LSB Laboratory Furnishings/Casework, 14A LSB Elevators, 18A General Works, 18B LSB Final Cleaning, 18C LSB Complete Site/Project Surveying, 21A LSB Fire Protection, 22A LSB Plumbing Systems, 23A LSB HVAC Systems, 23B LSB Test and Balance, 26A LSB Electrical Systems, 27A LSB Communications/Low Voltage Systems, 31A LSB Complete Sitework, 32B Hardscape/Site Assemblies, 32C Landscape/Irrigation, R03A RP Complete Concrete/Demolition, R05A RP Structural/Miscellaneous Steel, R09A RP Resinous Flooring, R22A RP Plumbing Systems, R23A RP HVAC/Building Control Systems, R26A RP Electrical Systems

Contact William Satterfield at wsatterfield@rodgersbuilders.com or by phone 704.537.6044 for further information.

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