EWN New Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF) Facility

by February 10, 2020


EWN New Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF) Facility

A.R. Chesson Construction: EC Office is actively soliciting bids for EWN New Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF) Facility in New Bern, NC (DUE: 03/11/2020 at 2 p.m.).

This is a Federal funded job, buy American Act Project, Davis Bacon Act Project, Wage Rate Project, and 9% DBE Goal.

Subject to a security back ground check.

The proposed project includes construction of a new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Facility and the associated pavement/utilities/etc and expansion of an existing parking lot. The project will consist generally of the following work elements:

Pavement removal
Excavation and borrow embankment
Construction of a new ARFF facility and associated utilities
Concrete Paving/Bituminous Paving
Lighting Modifications
Fencing Modifications
Shoulder Grading
Seeding, Sodding, Mulching

The project is divided into multiple phases, each delineated to minimize the impacts on airport operations.


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