Harnett County Resource Center and Library / DSS Addition

by April 9, 2019


Balfour Beatty is seeking to pre-qualify principal trade and specialty subcontractors to submit for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment for the Harnett County Resource Center and Library / DSS Addition. Balfour Beatty has been selected as the Construction Manager at Risk for this project and will receive bids from and contract with the principal and specialty contractors for the execution of the work. Minority Business Enterprises are encouraged to participate; however, the firm must be certified by the Office for Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB Office) through the Statewide Uniform Certification (SWUC) program. You may begin the certification process at the following website: http://doa.nc.gov/hub/ .

Similar project experience, current workload, safety record, financial ability, references, etc. will be considered during prequalification process based on information in the application. Anticipated Bid Dates for these packages will be July 2019. An outreach session will be held on May 9, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM at 700 McKinney Parkway, Lillington NC 27546.  Submittals for prequalification forms may be hand delivered, mailed or submitted electronically. Deadline for prequalification is 10 days prior to bid. The CM and Owner reserve the right to reject any and all pre-qualifications. Contracting method will be through Competitive Public Bid in accordance with Chapter 143 of the NC General Statutes. For further information please contact Chad Humphrey (919-795-6618; chumphrey@balfourbeattyus.com) or Matt Racher (919-818-9629; mracher@balfourbeattyus.com) .

Prequalification Documents can be accessed through the following link:
https://bbcus.egnyte.com/fl/wIe1oTwiSi :

Mailed or hand delivered submittals shall go to the following address:
Chad Humphrey
Balfour Beatty Construction
406 S McDowell Street, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27601

Project specific completion bid packages with preliminary budgets can be found below for the Harnett County Resource Center and Library / DSS Addition:
1A General Trades – Cleanup $150,000; 1B General Trades – Site Safety             $100,000; 1C Final Clean $25,000; 2A Demolition DSS $35,000; 2B Fencing $25,000; 3A Structural Concrete $775,000; 3B Site Concrete $90,000; 4A Masonry $800,000; 5A Structural Steel $1,300,000; 6A Casework $760,000; 7A Waterproofing and Caulking $110,000; 7B Roofing $500,000; 7F Metal Wall Panels $300,000; 8A Doors and Hardware $300,000; 8F Glass and Glazing $1,500,000; 8G Glass and Metal Panel Combo $1,800,000; 9A Drywall/Metal Framing $1,250,000; 9B Acoustical Ceiling $630,000; 9D Painting/Wall Covering $330,000; 9E Resilient Flooring $350,000; 9F Terrazzo $250,000; 9L Hard Tile$75,000; 10Q Folding Partitions $165,000; 10Y Signage$130,000; 10Z Miscellaneous Specialties $80,000; 11Z Misc Equipment $60,000; 12A Window Treatments $80,000; 14A Elevators $180,000; 21A Fire Protection $300,000; 22A Plumbing $675,000; 23A Mechanical $1,800,000; 23B Plumbing and Mechanical Combo $2,475,000; 23C Controls $300,000; 23D Test and Balance $25,000; 26A Electrical $2,700,000; 27A Communications $130,000; 28B Security Systems $150,000; 31D Sitework Grading     $1,300,000; 31E Site Utilities $350,000; 31F Paving$400,000; 31G Sitework Combo $2,000,000; 32D Landscaping $350,000.

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