James Sprunt Community College Truck Driving Pad

by May 20, 2019


Muter Construction is bidding the construction of the James Sprunt Community College Truck Driving Pad located at 934 Penny Branch Road, Warsaw, NC.

Project Summary:
Construction consisting of grading a 2.5-acre plot of land for a paved truck driving training practice pad next to the existing Diesel Mechanic Training Facility.  The project will contain erosion control methods, nine inches of stone base and four inches of asphalt.

Plans & Specs:

Proposals will be received by Muter Construction on May 29, 2019 no later than 12:00 PM via email to jmuter@muterconstruction.com .

We recognize the challenges faced by W/MBE firms.  For this reason, we offer the following:

  • More flexible bonding and insurance requirements to certified W/MBE firms.
  • We provide quick pay agreements to all HUB certified subcontractors and suppliers.
  • We can utilize a joint-check system to help HUB firms purchase materials.

Muter Construction | 919-404-8330 | GC Lic #73095

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