Johnson Street & King Street Water, Sewer & Storm Drain Improvements New Bern Project No. 18-004

by May 15, 2018



Sealed bids will be received by the Office of the City Engineer in the Public Utilities Administration Building at 210 Kale Road, New Bern, North Carolina, until 11:00 a.m. on Thursday June 7th, 2018 and immediately thereafter publicly opened and read, for constructing the following facilities:

 The installation of 940 linear feet of 2” PVC water main, replacement of 1,150 linear feet of gravity sewer piping, replacement of 1,390 linear feet of storm drain, replacement of 3 sanitary sewer manholes, 17 new storm drain structures, 5,000 square yards of asphalt pavement removal and replacement, and approximately 29 service tie-ins for water and sewer along Johnson Street and King Street.

Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, addressed to the City of New Bern, PO Box 1129, New Bern, NC 28563.  The outside of the envelope must be marked “Bid for Johnson Street & King Street Water, Sewer, & Storm Drain Improvements“.  All bids must be made on blank forms provided and included in the bound document.  The name, address, and license number of the Bidder must be plainly marked thereon.

Each Bid must be accompanied by cash or a certified check, drawn on a bank or trust company authorized to do business in North Carolina, payable to the City of New Bern in an amount at least equal to five percent (5%) of the total amount of the bid, as a guarantee that a contract will be entered into.  In lieu of cash or certified check, the Bidder may submit a bid bond in the form prescribed in G.S. 143-129 as amended by Chapter 1104 of the Public Laws of 1951.

Contractors are notified that legislative acts relating to licensing of contractors will be observed in receiving and awarding contracts. The City encourages the participation of small and minority contractors.

In accordance with the Minority Participation Goals, potential prime Contractors are encouraged to attend the Pre-Bid Conference to be held in the Office of the City Engineer located in the Public Utilities Administration Building at 210 Kale, New Bern, North Carolina on Thursday May 24th, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.

Plans and specifications for the proposed project are on file and may be viewed at the Office of the City Engineer and on the City’s website at:  .

Plans and specifications may be obtained upon request to the City Engineer (252) 639-7526, accompanied with a non-refundable check in the amount of $50.00.

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