NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) Big Hungry River Upper Dam Modifications Project

by April 28, 2020


Hall is currently soliciting quotes from interested NCDOAHUB Certified DBE/MBE/WBE Contractors for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) Big Hungry River Upper Dam Modifications Project.

Scope of Work:
Survey, Erosion Control, Clearing and Grubbing, Dump Truck Hauling, Cofferdam, Scaffolding, Concrete Cutting, Concrete/Pour in Place, Handrail Fabrication, Information Signs.

Aggregates, Fill Dirt, Concrete Reinforcement, Ready Mix Concrete, Grout, Erosion Control Materials, Handrail Materials, Information Signs.

Quotes are due by Monday, May 18, 2020 @ 10:00 A.M.

Hall Contracting will break down or combine elements of work into economically feasible units to facilitate D/M/WBE participation. We offer Quick Pay arrangements to all D/M/W/BES participating in the Construction Contract within 20 days after the DMWBES has properly performed and the DMWBES work has been properly completed to enable DMWBES contractors and suppliers to meet cash-flow demands. If you need assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, and insurance or joint pay agreements please contact us, and we will review your needs and direct you to available agencies for assistance.

The plans and specifications can be viewed or obtained at the follow locations:

  • Viewed or obtained at Hall Contracting’s Office at 6415 Lakeview Road, Charlotte, NC 28269.
  • Obtained from QuestCDN Website (Project # 6815798), email at or call at (952) 233-1632 with a fee of $50.00.

Yes, we will be bidding

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