NCCU New School of Business in Durham, NC

by September 17, 2020



Barnhill Contracting Company /DA Everett Construction Group, A Joint Venture has been selected as the Construction Manager @ Risk by North Carolina Central University and is seeking to pre-qualify construction trade and specialty contractors to submit bids for furnishing labor, material, equipment and tools for the NCCU New School of Business in Durham, NCPlease note: Only subcontractors who have been prequalified by Barnhill Contracting Company will be able to submit a Bid. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project includes construction of a new approximately 75,000sf 4-story collegiate building for the NCCU New School of Business. It is located on Alston Avenue in Durham, NC. The site is partially occupied by vacant dwellings. CIP concrete foundations and all steel structure with masonry, glass, and metal panel cladding. Interior is CMU & metal stud GWB partitions with acoustical ceilings, manufactured casework, resilient and tile flooring, painting, and wallcoverings, and Div 10 specialties. Wet and dry pipe sprinkler with fire pump. Four pipe, VAV mechanical system. Turnkey electrical including A/V and security. Bid Packages: BP100 – General Trades, BP205 – Demolition & Abatement, BP210 – Deep Foundations, BP221 – Surveying, BP390 – Turnkey Concrete, BP400 – Turnkey Masonry, BP500 – Structural Steel, BP550 – Misc. Steel/Stairs & Rails, BP725 – Fireproofing, BP740 – Roofing, BP750 – Metal Wall Panels, BP790 – Caulking /Sealants, BP800 – Doors/Frames/Hardware, BP840 – Glass & Glazing, BP925 – Drywall, BP930 – Ceramic Tile, BP960 – Resilient Flooring, BP980 – Acoustical Ceilings, BP990 – Painting and Wallcoverings, BP1005 – Specialties, BP1010 – Signage, BP1015 – Markerboards, BP1065 Operable Partitions, BP1110 – Stage Equipment, BP1140 – Food Service Equipment, BP1230 – Finish Carpentry and Casework, BP1235 – Fixed Audience Seating, BP1250 – Window Treatments, BP1400 – Elevators, BP2100 – Fire Protection, BP2200 – Plumbing, BP2300 – HVAC, BP2305 – HVAC Test & Balance, BP2309 – HVAC Controls, BP2600 – Turnkey Electrical, BP3100 – Earthwork, BP3200 – Asphalt Paving, BP3213 – Site Concrete, BP3231 – Fences & Gates, BP3290 – Landscaping, BP3300 – Site Utilities, BP3400 – Turnkey Site.   Additional packages may be added and/or deleted at the discretion of the Construction Manager. Historically underutilized business participation is encouraged.  Interested contractors should submit their completed prequalification submittals, by December 18, 2020 to Carie Lamson at Barnhill Contracting Company by email shown below or by mail to PO Box 31765 Raleigh, NC 27622 (4325 Pleasant Valley Road, NC 27612). PREQUALIFICATION FORMS CAN BE OBTAINED from Barnhill’s online plan room at by clicking on the NCCU New School of Business project under the public jobs tab or by contacting Carie Lamson at or call 919-785-9176. Please note: Once Bid Documents become available, they will be posted to our planroom website, however only subcontractors who have been prequalified by Barnhill Contracting Company will be able to submit a Bid. Target bid date: February 2021.

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