NCDOT C204109/WBS 38518.3.1, Forsyth County Bridge #229 over Norfolk Southern RR on SR-2264

by October 9, 2018


Crowder Construction is soliciting companies listed in the NCDOT directory as certified DBE subcontractors for the trades below to furnish quotations for the following project: NCDOT C204109/WBS 38518.3.1, Forsyth County Bridge #229 over Norfolk Southern RR on SR-2264 bidding Tuesday, October 16, 2018 @ 2:00 PM.

Asphalt – Milling/Marking/Paving/Saw Cutting; Clearing & Grubbing; Concrete – Curb & Gutter/Miscellaneous Form/Pumping/Sidewalk & Driveway; Drainage Structures & Subsurface; Drilling and Blasting; Electrical Wiring & Control; Erosion Control (Silt Fence); Grading/Excavation; Grooving; Guardrail; Hauling (Dirt/Stone); Landscaping – Seed/Mulch/ Fertilizer; Reinforcing Steel Install; Signals & Lighting (overhead); Signs – Permanent & Workzone; Supplier – Precast Concrete/Fuel/Lumber/Brick/Stone/Pile; Traffic Control; Utility Install Wet; Welding (Metal & Non-Metal Decking).

Contact Chris Boyd @ 704-348-1304 for more information.  All subcontractors are expected to make an effort to solicit DBE participation. Quotes should be faxed (704-372-9946) or emailed by the end of day Monday, October 15, 2018.

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