NCDOT C204378 – Sampson County, NC-24 from US421/704 and SR1296 to East of SR-1935

by December 5, 2019


NC-24 FROM US421/704 AND SR1296 TO EAST OF SR-1935 


Deadline of proposals:
Respond with offer by December 16,2019 at 12 noon. Proposals are encouraged to be on company letterhead, with scope and pricing noting scope inclusions or exclusions, contact info, and applicable business utilization participation.

Respond to:
Thalle Construction Co.- Estimating Department ,900 NC HWY 86 Hillsborough 27278 NC,P 919.245.1490 F 919-241-1659 ,Adrienne Duncan 919-675-6986, Vincent Zannini 919.241.1635 .

Bid Documents: 
Are available by contacting Thalle Construction Co, and from hyperlink and Project Documents, NCDOT Standard Specifications and standard can also be obtained/viewed by appointment at NCDOT Division offices, NCDOT letting webpage, Construction Resource Center(s) of NC, and at Thalle’s office in Hillsborough NC.

Scope of Work:
Clearing and Grubbing, Erosion Control, Surveying, Geotechnical and Soil testing, Asphalt paving, Asphalt Milling, Asphalt Demo, Asphalt Rumble Strips, Pavement Marking, Seeding, Stormwater and Water Utilities, Traffic Signals, ITS, Lighting, Permanent Highway Signage, Traffic Control, Portable Concrete Barrier, Guardrail, Cable-Guardrail, Timber Fencing with Woven Wire, Bridge Contractors, Culvert Contractors, Deck Grooving, Rebar Installation, SIP Deck Installation, Permanent Concrete Barrier Rail with Parapet Slip forms, Trucking, Geotextile Matting, Steel Beams, Temporary Traffic Control Signage, Asbestos Assessment, PDA Testing, Structure Demolition, Slope Protection, Safety Fencing, Impervious Dikes, Temporary Shoring, Foundation Conditioning, Steel Piles, Elastomeric bearings, Concrete Paving, Electrical Contractors for Duct Banks and new lighting, Drilled Pier Foundations, Misc. Concrete installation, Temporary Shoring, Slope Drains, Directional Drilling, Mulching and Mowing.

Trades and Materials:
Surveying, Geotechnical Engineering and Testing, Fabric, Water piping and fittings, Precast Drainage Structures, HDPE/ PVC Pipe, RCP Pipe, Metal Pipe, Steel Pipe Encasement, Manholes, Catch Basins and Junction Boxes, Casting Frames and Grates, Aggregates, Sand, Rebar, Piling, Bridge Bearing, SIP Metal Decking, Traffic Control and Pavement Marking, Culverts, Seeding, Trucking, Asphalt, Concrete.

Business Utilization:
MBE/WBE/DBE firms are encouraged to participate & will be listed at time of bid, Work & materials may be combined or divided to facilitate maximum participation. Subcontractors are obliged to sublet to 2nd & 3rd tier DBE subcontractors. DBE firms needing assistance with obtaining bonding, loan capital, lines of credit, insurance, quickpay & payment-agreements, obtaining equipment & supplies materials or negotiate joint venture & partnership arrangements can contact Thalle for assistance. Thalle will negotiate fairly with interested DBE firms & will not reject firms as unqualified without sound reasons-based capabilities DBE (combined MBE/WBE) Goal 12%.

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