North Waterfront Park project (Re-bid) – Wilmington, North Carolina

by August 19, 2019


Clancy & Theys Construction Co. – (2250 Shipyard Blvd Suite One Wilmington, NC 20803 910-392-5220, Fax: 910-392-5254), is soliciting pre-qualified first tier subcontractors to submit bids for the North Waterfront Park project (Re-bid) – Wilmington, North Carolina in accordance with N.C.D General Statutes 143-135.8.  Project scope of work includes a 5-acre park consisting of:  Relocation of existing sanitary force main within the 5-acre proposed North Waterfront Park site.  Site is a Brownfield site and will include piping, manholes, treatment of abandoned existing piping and bypass pumping during tie ins.  Landscaping Trees/Shrubs/Grasses, Concrete including performance stage foundations/walls/slabs, Hardscape Foundations, Site Walls, Pervious Concrete, Concrete paving, Site Concrete Curbs, Concrete Plinths & Stairs, Structural Steel for stage structure, Miscellaneous steel rails, guardrails, and stairs, Structural Steel Followspots, Waterproofing of site walls and exterior caulking, Glass Stage Canopy, Water Fountain Feature.  The following turnkey bid packages will rebid on September 5, 2019 at 2 PM:

02D – CFPUA Sanitary Sewer Relocation
03A – Concrete
05A – Structural Steel
07A – Roofing
07I – Waterproofing
08B – Glass Canopy
13A – Fountains
32L – Landscaping

Subcontractors shall not be allowed to submit a bid unless it has been prequalified in accordance with the City of Wilmington and the Construction Manager Policies. If your company has not prequalified to bid the project, please contact our office for prequalification instructions. A Mandatory prebid meeting will be held at Clancy & Theys Office (2250 Shipyard Blvd Suite One Wilmington, NC 20803) on August 23, 2019 at 2 PM.  The mandatory pre-bid meeting will also be available via Microsoft Teams for those that cannot attend in person, please contact David Gadalla at Clancy & Theys for further instruction.  Clancy & Theys has an Affirmative Action policy of fostering, promoting, and conducting business with minority owned enterprises. Minority contractors are encouraged to participate in the subcontractor bid process.

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