NWC Exterior Hvdronic Piping Project and RP-2 Equipment Addition

by May 20, 2019


Muter Construction is bidding the NWC Exterior Hvdronic Piping Project and RP-2 Equipment Addition located at Wake Tech, Scott Northern Wake Campus, 7100 Success Way, Raleigh, NC.

Project Summary:
The Regional Plant 2 (RP-2) supports the cooling and heating needs of campus as one of the 3 utility plants on campus. RP-2 was designed to accept a total of 3 chillers, cooling towers, and boilers. This project installs the 2nd of the chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pump and support equipment. The project also includes building the frame system supporting a third chiller, but not the chiller itself. Along with the equipment in RP-2, new underground heating hot water (HHW) and chilled water (CHW) piping will be extended from the existing manhole MH-11 to the existing Building H along the east side of Building F and under the existing Pedestrian Bridge 1, as well as toward a future Automotive building for connection to that projects hydronic system.

Plans & Specs:

Proposals will be received by Muter Construction on May 23, 2019 no later than 12:00 PM via email to jmuter@muterconstruction.com .

We request bids be forwarded to the estimating department at jmuter@muterconstruction.com no later than 12:00 PM.

We recognize the challenges faced by W/MBE firms.  For this reason, we offer the following:

  • More flexible bonding and insurance requirements to certified W/MBE firms.
  • We provide quick pay agreements to all HUB certified subcontractors and suppliers.
  • We can utilize a joint-check system to help HUB firms purchase materials.

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