Insulation and Air Sealing Contractors for Wake County and Durham County

by May 21, 2018


Resources for Seniors, Inc. is selecting insulation and air sealing contractors for the Weatherization Assistance Program serving Wake County and Durham County. We are requesting bids from all qualified insulation and air sealing contractors to provide services for this program.

 We are requesting bids for insulation of existing homes, which include insulating attics, floors, walls, water heaters, water pipes and ducts.  Air sealing contractors must be proficient in blower door directed air sealing, and duct blasting.  A licensed general contractor on staff is preferred. Call Gerry Massey at (919) 713-1543, or email:, to receive a bid form.  Submit bids by 6/15/18, to begin contract with RFS on 7/1/18. Bids will be accepted for consideration throughout the year.

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