Providing Disaster Debris Management and Monitoring Services

by July 19, 2018


Pamlico County is seeking the services of qualified Consultants or individuals with extensive knowledge and background in providing disaster debris management and monitoring services to include all management , supervision, labor, transportation, and equipment necessary to imitate load tickets at debris loading sites, estimate the volume of debris being delivered to the DMS(s) and disposal site(s), and support the operations of the field supervisor(s), debris loading and observation tower monitors and clerical staff. Management and monitoring services may include eligible debris generated from the public rights-of-way, private property, drainage structures, public use areas, parks, County and other eligible local government public facilities.

To receive a full copy of the RFP package, contact the County Manager by phone at 252-745-3133 or via email at tim.buck@pamlicocounty.  The RFP will be posted on the County website at

The deadline for submitting proposals is 12:00 p.m. (noon), August 7, 2018.

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