Re-Bid For Additions And Renovations to The Mecklenburg County ABC Board Retail Store at 1609 North Graham Street, Charlotte, NC

by July 3, 2019




The Mecklenburg County ABC Board is seeking proposals for the addition and renovations to the existing ABC Store located at 1609 North Graham Street, Charlotte, NC.  This project will be bid formally and will be awarded as a single prime contract to the successful, qualified bidder. Bidding is open to licensed General Contractors in good standing with and currently licensed by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors, with an unlimited license, adequate bonding capacity, appropriate insurance coverage and an appropriately skilled management and supervisory team along with experienced and skilled subcontractors, suppliers and vendors.

Scope consists of site work including underground utility work, grading, stoning, concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk work as well as completing the stormwater systems as shown on the drawings, asphalt paving, decorative planting, required trees, turf and all required temporary construction measures. Backflow preventer work will also be required as a part of this project.

The existing ABC building on this site is a single-story masonry bearing wall structure with a precast concrete double-tee roof structure.  The portion of this existing structure closest to North Graham street is to be demolished.  The new addition is a tall, single story building with an exposed structural steel frame.  The new floor in both the new and existing building will be a poured in place concrete slab, (stained and polished in the retail area of the store). There will be light gauge steel framed walls, aluminum and glass curtain wall window assemblies on all four sides, single ply roof and brick veneer concealing continuous rigid insulation and air barrier. The interior consists of painted sheetrock and brick veneer on metal stud walls, exposed primed and painted structure in the walls and ceiling / roof, some lay in ceilings (or exposed existing precast roof structure in the warehouse).  The building will be fully heated and cooled, appropriately lit, plumbed and ready for ABC to occupy.  Coordination with and accommodation of an owner engaged retail shelving contractor and graphics/ signage contractor is required. Upon completion, the resulting building will contain approximately 7,300 gross square feet.  A full Certificate of Occupancy will be required at conclusion of the project.

The proposed schedule:

           You should find the original issued bid documents along with three addenda.

  • PREBID CONFERENCE:  1:00 pm on July 17th, 2019 at the site 1609 North Graham Street, Charlotte, NC (NOTE: if bidder attended first prebid conference, they do not need to attend this second prebid conference.)
  • BID OPENING: NOON, August 14th, 2019
    See additional information below.
  • F&D /Integra will entertain questions via email through 11:59 pm, July 31st, 2019. We will issue responses as appropriate via formal addenda.  All questions and their responses will be shared with all proposers via the project Bid Documents DropBox.
  • Questions must be sent by email only to F&D / Integra and come from a General Contractor.  (Do not email the ABC Board nor project consultants.)
  • We will not respond to verbal questions nor will we answer questions submitted directly from subs, vendors, suppliers etc.
  • Addenda will only be issued in an electronic format and will only be available in the project bid document Dropbox.
  • General Contractors are responsible for distributing any and all Addenda and their contents to their subs, suppliers,vendors and any other party as they deem appropriate.
  • General contractors must make sure that all their subs, suppliers and vendors have received any addenda. The Mecklenburg County ABC Board is assuming that any and all proposals have accounted for the contents of any of these addenda whether or not the bidder acknowledges receipt of all Addenda on their bid form.  
  • BIDS
    • Mecklenburg County ABC Board will receive written hard copies of bids prior to but not later than noon on August 14th, 2019.
    • Time will be as established by a clock in the Mecklenburg County ABC Board Boardroom at 3333 North Tryon Street. Proposals received after noon will not be considered.
    • Deliver hard copies of the bids to the offices of The Mecklenburg County ABC Board, 3333 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28206.  This is a public bid opening and bidders and all interested parties are invited to stay and observe this process.
  • NOTE: When delivering your bid, remember to allow time to get past the building security system into ABC’s  offices and Board Room before noon. The doors to the conference room will be shut at noon and no additional bids will be accepted.

The Mecklenburg County ABC Board and/or their CEO reserves the right to reject any or all proposals / bids as they deem appropriate without consideration as it may deem to be in its best interest.

F&D / Integra has already submitted these construction documents and they are 100% approved by Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement. Contractor must pick up and pay for any remaining permit and review fees and commence the project. General Conditions will explain how to handle these costs.

Do not telephone our offices or any design team consultants directly with questions.   Instead, email questions to both Mike Doyne ( and copy Rob Brooks ( for responses.

Verbal responses to questions will be considered as non-binding if not followed up in writing by formally issued, emailed Addendum.

On behalf of Mecklenburg County ABC Board, we thank you for your time and efforts and we look forward to seeing you at the Pre-bid.


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