Renovation of up to 375 units of scattered site, affordable housing located in and about Hendersonville, Fletcher and Etowah, North Carolina

by June 13, 2018


The Hendersonville Housing Authority (HHA) is issuing this Request for Qualifications from General Contracting firms interested in providing Construction/Renovation services for a proposed renovation of up to 375 units of scattered site, affordable housing located in and about Hendersonville, Fletcher and Etowah, North Carolina.  All respondents must demonstrate their capacity and experience to provide the following products and services:  detailed General Contracting and Construction skills; Ability to work with Project Architect to provide reliable cost estimates for the proposed  renovations to be used in structuring project budgets; Ability to participate in Value Engineering reviews with Project Architect to aid in completing final construction budget for proposed renovation; and prepare all necessary construction documentation for HUD 223 (f) Final Application and Final Loan Closing.

As part of the response to this RFQ each respondent must provide:

1)      Summary of resources demonstrating capacity to provide General Contracting Services
of a scale sufficient for the proposed renovation.

2)      Summary of key staff and their qualifications, and a list of employees likely to be
          assigned to this project.

3)      Summary of previous and current renovation projects of similar size and scope in the
          southeast region with emphasis on projects in the western North Carolina.

4)      Summary of experience with HUD or other federally financed renovations which may
          include 223(f), 221(d)4, LIHTC, HOME, or other similar government subsidized loan
          programs.  This summary should include the name and location of each project, the
          number of units per project, and the general scope of the renovations;

5)      Confirmation of successful Section 3 and Davis Bacon Act implementation and
          reporting compliance on previous federally funded projects.

6)      A summary of E&O Insurance;

7)      Confirmation of minimum Bonding Capacity of $4,000,000.00 (Four Million and
          00/100’s Dollars);

8)     Certification that respondent has not been the subject of any debarment or legal inquiry
          into business conduct in the last 5 years, and has not been flagged on HUD form 2530;

9)      Financial References from two (2) Banks and three (3) Creditors;

10)     Demonstration of capacity through Bank Lines of Credit or cash resources

sufficient to carry the construction costs for a period of 60 days if necessary;

11)    Any other promotional materials or work products the applicant believes are relevant to
demonstrate their experience and qualifications for the proposed renovation.

Following a review of all submittals, HHA will issue Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) to up to three respondents.  The RFP will include a request for Construction Pricing based on the Plans and Specifications to be provided by the Project Architect.  Based on its further review and evaluations of the RFP’s, HHA in consultation with the Project Architect will select a General Contractor to enter into contractual negotiations regarding services and compensation.

HHA reserves the right to reject any and all submissions, and to waive informalities and minor irregularities in submissions received, and to accept any submissions if deemed in the best interest of HHA to do so.

Proposals will be received until 4:00 pm, on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at the following address:

Attention: Diana Brow
Hendersonville Housing Authority
203 N. Justice Street
North Carolina 28739

Respondents must provide a minimum of four (4) hard copies of their RFQ with their submittal and one (1) electronic copy on a thumb-drive or CD.  All costs associated with submission preparation for the RFQ will be borne by the submitting company.  Proposals will be held in confidence.

Questions may be submitted via email to the following address: with a copy to  All questions and responses will be made available to any respondent upon request.

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