University Lake Raw Water Pump Station Improvements

by December 5, 2018


Date:  December 6, 2018

Orange Water and Sewer Authority will receive Bids from Pre Qualified Bidders until 3:00 PM, local time, on January 17, 2019 for the: “UNVERSITY LAKE RAW WATER PUMP STATION IMPROVEMENTS”, in OWASA’s Administrative Offices, 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro, North Carolina 27510, at which time the Bids received will be opened and read aloud.

Bids will be received for a Lump Sum General Construction Contract.  The following Bidders have been prequalified to submit Bids for the Project:

  1. Carolina Civilworks, Inc.
  2. English Construction Company
  3. Dellinger, Inc.
  4. Haren Construction Company, Inc.
  5. Wharton Smith
  6. Turner Murphy Company
  7. Laughlin-Sutton Construction Company
  8. Gilbert Engineering Company

Only Bidders who have been prequalified may submit Bids on this Contract.  The Project consists of furnishing all materials, labor, equipment, tools, etc. unless otherwise specified, for the complete replacement of existing pumps with new high capacity pumps at the University Lake Pump Station as described in the Specifications and as shown on the Drawings.

Bidders will attend a mandatory Pre‑Bid Conference at 10:00 am, local time, on December 19, 2018 in the OWASA Administrative Offices, 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro, North Carolina 27510.  A site visit will immediately follow the Pre-Bid Conference at the University Lake Pump Station.

For Further information regarding the project and to receive printed and electronic copies of the Contract Documents, potential bidders or vendors should contact: indicating your intention to prepare a Bid for the Project.  Failure to complete this step may render your Bid as non-responsive.


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