Water Treatment Plant, 12-14 MGD Expansion

by May 20, 2019



Sealed bids will be received by the Owner, JOHNSTON COUNTY, in the conference room at the LAND USE CENTER, 309 E. MARKET STREET, SMITHFIELD, NC until 2:00 PM, EST, on THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2019, for the construction of WATER TREATMENT PLANT, 12-14 MGD EXPANSION.

Bidders do not have to be prequalified for this project.

The work will consist of the following:

  • Construction of improvements to the raw water pump station including river intake screen replacement, sluice  gate replacement, 150HP raw water submersible pump replacement, check valve replacement and replacement of  raw water meter with new magnetic flow meter
  • Raw water electrical building improvements including replacement of metal roof with insulated panels, installation of A/C unit, replacement of the existing main electrical service with a new service to provide electrical power to the new raw water pump and existing electrical loads along with the installation of a new grounding system
  • Installation of Claricone 9 piping involving header modifications which includes
    • Venturi meter installation,
    • Construction of metering building,
    • Installation of air, polymer and water lines necessary for Claricone operation,
    • Installation of claricone influent and effluent lines, and
    • Installation of solids blow down lines
  • Installation of a duplex polymer feed pump skid and expansion of polymer room
  • Installation of modulating valve actuators on filter influent lines
  • Filter effluent line addition
  • Providing A/C system in the post clearwell hypochlorite room
  • Other miscellaneous improvements associated with plant modifications
  • Related plant SCADA system equipment

Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents are open to public inspection at the office of JOHNSTON COUNTY PUBLIC UTILITIES, LAND USE CENTER, 309 E. MARKET STREET, SMITHFIELD, NC; on-line on our website at www.johnstonnc.com; and through the following plan rooms: iSqFt.com, Hispanic Contractors of the Carolinas (HCAC), Carolinas AGC (CAGC), CMD, Bidclerk, McGraw Hill Construction (dodge.construction.com), and Construction Data Company (CDC). Hard copies can be purchased by prospective bidders at McKim & Creed, 1730 Varsity Drive, Suite 500, Raleigh, NC 27606 for a fee of $200.00 for each set of documents requested.  Requests should be made to Karen Mattingly at 919-233-8091 or via email at kmattingly@mckimcreed.com.  Small minority and women’s businesses and labor surplus area firms are encouraged to submit bids.

Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check or a bid bond by an acceptable surety company of not less than five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid, made payable to the Owner, JOHNSTON COUNTY, as a bid guarantee.

A Performance and a Payment Bond will be required for the successful bidder in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the contract, payment of all persons supplying labor or furnishing materials, and payment of all liabilities incurred in connection with the work under this contract.

North Carolina law requires any contractor bidding on work in the State which costs $30,000.00 or more to show evidence that he is licensed under the “Act to Regulate the Practice of General Contracting.”

No bid may be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the scheduled closing time for receiving bids.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and any part of a bid and to waive formalities and technicalities in the bidding procedure.

No consideration will be given any request for Plans and Specifications within the five (5) day period immediately prior to the date for receiving bids.

Bids must be submitted on the printed form, or exact copies thereof, contained in the Contract Documents.

Any contract or contracts awarded under this invitation for bids are expected to be funded in part by a loan from the State of North Carolina.  Neither the State or Federal government nor any of its departments, agencies, or employees is or will be a party to this invitation for bids or any resulting contract.

Bidder shall make positive efforts to use small and minority-owned businesses and comply with GS 143-128.

A pre-bid conference shall be held at 10:00 a.m., on THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019 in the conference room at the LAND USE CENTER, 309 E. MARKET STREET, SMITHFIELD, NC.

309 E. Market Street
Smithfield, NC 27577



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